ZS1100A Power Meter

A USB-based power supply that can accurately estimate the energy consumption of IoT devices

Nov 19, 2020

Project update 12 of 14

Boards Assembled and Shipping Soon

by Prajay Madhavan

We got the first batch of 6 boards assembled. The performance looks as expected and there is no variation among boards. We assembled the full kit for these 6 boards.

First batch

We also performed a pre-compliance EMI/EMC and ESD test on one unit, just to be sure. The emission results came out just fine and the ESD strikes seem to have no impact on the performance. Will update the final report, once we receive it from the test house. We got the graphs which show that all emissions are within limits.

The EMI test setup

We should receive the total batch of assembled boards by early next week (week of 23rd Nov 2020). We should be able to test them and get them shipped out by the end of the next week.

Things are a bit delayed due to Covid-19 as everything is working at low capacity.

Please accept our apologies for the delay. We are trying our best to get them to you as soon as possible.

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