An open source hardware accessory that supports log capture, simplifies CLI interaction, and facilitates firmware updates for USB Type-C devices

Jul 10, 2023

Project update 4 of 5

Manufacturing Started!

by Dmitrii Votintcev

Greetings from 0xDA!

We are excited to kick off manufacturing with a fully tested and compliant device (emissions, ESD, etc.)!

  1. International compliance testing is complete.
  2. Label design is done and is designed to be helpful for easy identification of USB-Cereal functions.
  3. All the components are on order: PCBs are 87% complete as of today(PCBWay), component kits are ordered (Mouser), enclosures, screws, and lightpipes are ordered.

Because we are still waiting on some components before we can complete manufacturing, we are now targeting a shipping date of late August.

Thank you for everyone’s support and patience as we roll out USB-Cereal into the world!

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