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An open source hardware accessory that supports log capture, simplifies CLI interaction, and facilitates firmware updates for USB Type-C devices

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USB-Cereal is a powerful, fully open source development tool that simplifies testing, development, debugging, and manufacturing of devices that support USB Type-C. Using USB Type-C’s extended capabilities, this unique hardware accessory saves time and effort by enabling the capture of debug and factory logs, providing a simple command-line interface, and facilitating firmware updates.

Put simply, what makes USB-Cereal so useful is that it enables simple UART serial communication with the host device through the sideband pins that are typically dedicated to device-specific applications.

The original USB-Cereal was an open source project that originated at Google. This USB-Cereal fork by 0xDA LLC makes those same robust capabilities available to developers. There has been a complete redesign, with quality and BOM-cost optimization, and 0xDA LLC has ensured that all high-speed traces are routed optimally.

USB-Cereal’s goal is to cut development, debugging, and testing time while saving on component costs for hardware, firmware, software engineers, and makers, hackers, testers, and who choose to use the increasingly popular and ubiquitous USB Type-C standard. USB-Cereal and the elegant and simple methodology it uses will become more popular and useful over time.

USB-Cereal Makes Hardware Development Easier

USB-Cereal can perform a number of useful development tasks that make working with USB Type-C capable devices much more manageable. It can perform general closed-case debugging, testing, and data capture on devices with USB Type-C and doesn’t require a USB stack to be brought up. USB-Cereal can do low-level debugging with USB drivers not yet fully loaded. This is handy when debugging low level features, when USB logs are not accessible. It can be handy in performing closed-case firmware update procedures.

Features & Specifications


USB-CerealTag-Connect FTDI CableSuzy Q ¹μArtVarious FTDI Cables
USB Type-C interfaceYes No Yes No No
Simultaneous-USB functionalityYes Yes No Yes Yes
Closed-case accessYes No Yes No No
Open SourceYes No Yes No Yes
Selectable TTL levelYes (1.8 V or 3.3 V) No ² N/A ³ Autodetect No
EnclosureYes N/A N/A Yes No
Price$49 $69 $14 $49 Varies

¹ USB-Cereal is not compatible with Suzy Q
² TC2030-FTDI-TTL-232RG-VIP relies on external reference
³ Requires a secondary USB interface

Block Diagram

Support & Documentation

You can find all of our open source information, including our hardware design files, in our GitHub repo. 0xDA LLC is also commited to provide support as much as possible over the email.

In the Press

Hackster News

"0xDA's Dmitrii Votintcev leveraged an open source project from Google to develop USB-Cereal, an open source development tool."

CNX Software

"0xDA LLC’s USB Cereal is an open-source hardware development tool with three USB-C ports designed to simplify the testing, development, debugging, and manufacturing of devices with USB Type-C ports."

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Produced by 0xDA LLC in San Francisco, California, USA.

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A complete USB-Cereal device, including a protective enclosure

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San Francisco, California, USA  ·   oxda.org

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