An open source hardware accessory that supports log capture, simplifies CLI interaction, and facilitates firmware updates for USB Type-C devices

Sep 15, 2023

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Shipping Soon - Check Your Address!

by Dmitrii Votintcev

Greetings from 0xDA!

We have successfully assembled, configured, and tested the first batch of 400+ USB-Cereal devices and are now shipping them to Crowd Supply’s distribution partner, Mouser, for fulfillment to our backers! For this initial batch, we handled everything in-house, including de-panelizing PCBAs, testing, enclosing, and packing. It was great to go through each unit with care.

Important! Please review the delivery address on your order and make any necessary adjustments in the next few days. If you have any order or shipping related questions, you can contact Crowd Supply Support.

Assembled USB Cereal

Thank you.

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