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Oct 02, 2023

Project update 12 of 14

Early Bird Glasgows are Shipping!

by Piotr Esden-Tempski

Hey everyone!

It is time for another update.

Today we have a short and sweet update. We shipped out the early birds!!!

If you are an "early bird" backer most of you either have already or will be shortly receiving shipping notifications.


We shipped 200 Glasgows and 980 aluminium cases to Mouser, and they arrived at their dock last Wednesday. As there are way more aluminium cases than Glasgows some of you who ended up ordering a case on it’s own, in a separate pledge or purchase, will start seeing shipping notifications for those too.

Fully packed shipping boxes with Glasgows and Aluminium Cases that shipped to Mouser

If you want to check if your Glasgow is "early bird" make sure to check your CrowdSupply order and see if the words "Early Bird" are included.

It will look something like the above screenshot

This is still a very small subset of you. "Early-Bird" are those who pledged for the campaign in the first hours of the campaign launching. We still have to ship about 1800 Glasgows to Mouser in order to fulfill all the pledges and pre-orders. So there is still a long journey in front of us, but none the less starting to ship is a big milestone for us.

Looking back, we had to figure out a lot of additional details, beyond just the hardware manufacturing, to get here. We had to source and fold boxes, design and order "safe use instruction" cards required by the EU, create proper labels with barcodes so that Mouser can easily scan. Or even, do we need to use freight to ship all this to Mouser or not, if we use freight what are all those unfamiliar specifications they are asking us about. Many, many small things that all take a bunch of time and effort to sort out. But it should get easier from here as we are figuring out the routine.


Last but not least, right before we were able to ship we found a bug in the firmware that Glasgow is shipping with. It was causing the Glasgow to not enumerate on Windows properly. But Catherine was able to find a fix and deploy it, so all the hardware is shipping with the updated firmware! So we had to unpack and update all the boards before packing them again and shipping them out.

All 200 Glasgows ready to be flashed with the new firmware


You can find the project documentation on our website.

We are still working towards improving the documentation for Glasgow, so if you have any additional questions join our #glasgow IRC, Discord or Matrix channels. We rely on your feedback to make sure that the documentation is clear and complete for all of you.

If you would like to support the software and documentation effort please consider supporting Catherine through Patreon.

Closing words

Thank you all for your patience, endurance and understanding. We still have a lot of work in front of us but we feel that this is none the less a big milestone. It took a lot of effort and perseverance from the members of our team to get here and we are glad that you will start receiving tangible proof that we are making progress. We are still chipping away at it. :D

See you in the next update!

Piotr Esden-Tempski and the Glasgow team

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