Aeroh Link

A hackable IR remote control with an OpenAPI and support for app and voice control

Nov 22, 2023

Suspending the Aeroh Link Project & Releasing Source Files

After much thought and analysis of our finances, we have unfortunately concluded we cannot sustain the production of Aeroh Link in the long term. Consequently, we have made the decision to work with Crowd Supply and refund all our backers' money. Read the full update.

May 03, 2023

One Day Left in the Campaign, and Home Assistant Integration with OpenAPI

We have reached the final stretch here! Only one day left to back Aeroh Link and get yours at a discounted price! In this week’s update, we will talk about open-source integrations. At Aeroh, we love Home Assistant because it’s an open-source ecosystem for building smart homes, and we have begun working on the Home Assistant integration for Aeroh Link using our OpenAPI. This is an excellent example of how two open systems work seamlessly and expand each other's capabilities. Read the full update.

Apr 28, 2023

A New Video & Two New Members of the Aeroh Link Team!

If you're still on the fence about whether or not you should back the Aeroh Link campaign, the video in this update might help. And, even if it doesn't, we think you'll enjoy watching it. :) We also have some exciting news about two new members of our team! Read the full update.

Apr 20, 2023

New Tutorials (and More to Come)

We are happy to report we have started working on the support articles and tutorial videos for Aeroh Link. We've published two of them in our Knowledge Base. Read the full update.

Apr 12, 2023

Announcing Black & White Aeroh Links!

We are excited to announce the introduction of two new color options for Aeroh Link. Since most home appliances are either black or white, we decided to offer those two colors, in addition to the original yellow. You can now order your Black or White Aeroh Link on our campaign page! Read the full update.

Mar 22, 2023

Crowdfunding Has Begun!

Have you ever felt exhausted after a long day of work? 😭 When all you want is to crash on the couch and watch TV? But you can't find the remote control anywhere!? Or perhaps you've experienced climbing into bed, ready for sleep, and wanting to turn on the AC or a fan...but the remote control is nowhere to be found? 😫 I've experienced both, which is why I created Aeroh Link! 🌟 Read the full update.

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