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A hackable IR remote control with an OpenAPI and support for app and voice control

May 03, 2023

Project update 5 of 6

One Day Left in the Campaign, and Home Assistant Integration with OpenAPI

by Shiv Deepak Muddada

Hello Friends,

We have reached the final stretch here! Only one day left to back Aeroh Link and get yours at a discounted price!

In this week’s update, we will talk about open-source integrations. At Aeroh, we love Home Assistant because it’s an open-source ecosystem for building smart homes, and we have begun working on the Home Assistant integration for Aeroh Link using our OpenAPI. This is an excellent example of how two open systems work seamlessly and expand each other’s capabilities.

With Home Assistant, you can turbocharge your Aeroh Link and give it new capabilities. It allows you to add Custom Automation Triggers or set up Apple HomeKit integrations.

And, with Aeroh Link, Home Assistant can now control traditional home appliances that don’t support Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-wave.

In the spirit of open-source software, we have published our Home Assistant add-on. You can find it on Github. If you are interested in building a custom integration with Aeroh Link, please see the documentation for our OpenAPI here.

Once again, thank you for supporting Aeroh Link. If you have any feedback or questions, please drop us a line using the link at the bottom of our campaign page or our contact form .

Shiv Deepak Muddada
Creator, Aeroh Link

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