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Nov 13, 2019

Project update 3 of 8

Sortware Ported & New Mining Algorithm Developed

by Xiaosen Jiang

All Software Ported to Embedded Linux

We have completed porting our host software and utility toolset to the embedded Linux environment. Everything now runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero single-board computer (SBC):

As shown in the videos below, a $10 SBC – running our open-source host software and connected to an UltraMiner – can drive a fully capable mining system. (You can also connect multiple UltraMiners to the same SBC through a USB hub.)

You can even flash the bitstream file using the SBC itself:

To accommodate our backers’ hosting preferences, we will continue working on cross-platform support for our software and drivers.

Leveraging Modular Design to Develop & Reconfigure Algorithms

We have also developed and tested a new algorithm for Skein2. In fact, the preceding image of UltraMiner shows it mining Woodcoin, which is based on Skein2.

Thanks to the modularity of our designs, migrating to new algorithms is getting easier and easier. Remember that all of our bitstream designs will be released as open-source software. We hope that, by sharing our modular approach to algorithm development, we can help others design their own crypto mining algorithms.

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