Brain blood flow biofeedback meets affordable IoT technology

Oct 07, 2019

Project update 3 of 10

Progress Report

Hey everyone, Josh again. We’ve been hard at work on the front and back end functionality for the HEG. This includes improvements in the wiring, and we now have a pretty good working web demo with simple navigation. We are about to get the HEGstudio clone working as well as data recording and personal logging features. You can use it as a standalone hotspot or connect it to your local Wi-Fi to access online features. Everything’s changing really quick, so none of what you see is final. We are close to finalizing all of the backend features which will improve ease-of-use so users don’t need any real technical know-how to use these devices beyond basic browser navigation, and we’ve just added another team member to work on front end functionality and make things move a little quicker. Kit users will also enjoy Beta access to the apps and databases being produced for the StateChanger project alongside our constant improvements to the platform. We can’t wait to see what happens when the community gets involved, too!

We’ve achieved 67% of our funding goal as of this update! Wow! Your support is letting us create a potentially revolutionary platform for brain science, and open the field to everyone with simple technology and modern UI tools. We are starting small because we are a small group of people, but we believe in the potential for HEG applications in tandem with other technologies in education and health and hope to facilitate this device reaching that potential with your continued support!

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