by David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov

A shield for Adafruit's Feather boards for making complex robots with ease

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Campaign is Live!

by David Bershadsky

The day you have all been waiting for is finally here! The RoverWing campaign is finally launching on the Crowd Supply platform, after weeks of hard work and preparations to ensure that everyone who wants one gets a RoverWing as soon as possible.

A quick refresher on RoverWing, it is a low cost and feature-packed expansion board for the Adafruit Feather ecosystem. The RoverWing includes 2x motor drivers for brushed DC motors, quadrature encoder for each motor, a built-in IMU, 3x Sonar ports, 4x Servo Ports, 6x analog sensor ports, and more! The RoverWing comes with an accompanying library that makes programming complex functionality easy for both beginners and seasoned makers. RoverWing includes a built-in microcontroller which takes care of all low-level operations using a pre-loaded firmware, thus freeing up resources of your feather for other applications.

The RoverWing is the perfect expansion board for making quick and fun robots with advanced functionality and this makes it great in educational settings where teachers may want to have their students get a working robot as fast as possible and with basic coding knowledge while also allowing experienced makers to use the platform to quickly make intricate systems saving time and reducing code complexity.

Get your RoverWing today and start making as soon as possible!

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Includes one RoverWing board and connector set: one power cable ( XT30 to XT60 ), two motor cables (JST VH to bare wire).


RoverWing Top

One Top board for the RoverWing. It provides a power switch, small prototyping area, three NeoPixel LEDs, buttons, and a 3-line OLED display. Some soldering is required.


David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov

Alexander Kirillov is a professor of mathematics, but has been interested in robotics and electronics for many years. In 2008, he started a robotics team, Team Islandbots. After competing for a couple of years in First Lego League, Team Islandbots moved on to First Tech Challenge (FTC) and became one of the most successful teams on Long Island, twice advancing to the World Championship. David Bershadsky is an 18-year-old currently studying electrical engineering. He likes to spend time on projects such as building robots and designing PCBs. He got into robotics during 7th grade, when he joined the Islandbots FTC team 4137, coached by Alexander Kirillov.

David Bershadsky


Alexander "Shurik" Kirillov



PCB Fabrication & Assembly

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