A shield for Adafruit's Feather boards for making complex robots with ease

Jan 29, 2021

Project update 17 of 17

Getting Started Resources & 3D Printed Accessory Files

by Alexander "Shurik" Kirillov

The RoverWing is already available in the Mouser catalog and we see from our Project Dashboard that they have already started shipping it to backers! Crowd Supply campaign orders are already being processed, so they will ship first before any new orders. You’ll receive an email with tracking details when your order ships. We know how eager you must be, and we thank you for your patience!

Resources for Getting Started

Once you have your RoverWing, here is a useful list of resources for getting started:

3D Printed Accessories

During these past few weeks we have also designed some accessories for the RoverWing ecosystem that can be downloaded and 3D-Printed! These include:

We have provided STEP files for all of the models so that you can modify and incorporate them into whatever you desire. All of the 3D models can be downloaded from GitHub.


RoverWing team:
Alexander and David

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