A shield for Adafruit's Feather boards for making complex robots with ease

Jan 16, 2021

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Shipping Soon!

by Alexander "Shurik" Kirillov

We are happy to announce that we have completed firmware flashing and testing, and shipped all the RoverWing boards to the warehouse for final distribution!

Orders will begin shipping soon. Please take this time to check your delivery address, and update it through your Crowd Supply account if needed. Updating your shipping address helps avoid delays and get your orders shipped successfully. Once your order details have been sent out by our warehouse team for processing, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment.

Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

It is expected to arrive to the warehouse this week, and shortly after that orders will begin shipping to backers. We are grateful to all our backers for their patience and their support of our work.

While you are waiting for your board to arrive, take the time to read our User Guide; in particular, it contains a very useful QuickStart Guide.

Library Updated

We have also updated the RoverWing library; current release is version 3.1. Moreover, the library is now available for installation through Ardunio Library Manager - no need to download the zip files from github. We have updated the library documentation:


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to reach out to us by email:, or by opening an issue on github. We will make our best to respond to all requests promptly.

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