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A shield for Adafruit's Feather boards for making complex robots with ease

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We are Funded - Production Begins!

by David Bershadsky

We are happy to announce that our campaign has been successfully funded! Thanks to all our supporters, some of whom have been following us from our original Kickstarter campaign!

This doesn’t mean that the campaign is over - as we wrote in the previous update, we have decided to extend the deadline by two weeks to give everyone who wanted to place an order a chance to do so. So please let your friends know about RoverWing!

However, now that we are certain of our financing, we have started working on actual production. We had already ordered some parts from AliExpress, as they can take a long time to arrive. We will now order the rest, in particular the XT30-XT60 power adapter which will be a custom order placed through AliBaba. Of course, we will test all parts before sending them out, to make sure the quality is right (for some of the components we went through 2 or 3 vendors before finding one we that liked).

And, most importantly, we have placed the manufacturing order for the RoverWing top board! The boards will be manufactured by, a well-known PCB fabrication factory in Shenzhen, China; the lead time is 3 weeks, so the should be here some time in mid-November. We will keep everyone posted.

We are still comparing quotes for RoverWing board production; this is a more complicated and more expensive order, and we want to make sure that the quality (and price) are right before placing it.

Photo below shows some of the parts we have received and packed for future shipping to Crowd Supply fulfillment center.

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Product Choices



Includes one RoverWing board and connector set: one power cable ( XT30 to XT60 ), two motor cables (JST VH to bare wire).


RoverWing Top

One Top board for the RoverWing. It provides a power switch, small prototyping area, three NeoPixel LEDs, buttons, and a 3-line OLED display. Some soldering is required.


David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov

Alexander Kirillov is a professor of mathematics, but has been interested in robotics and electronics for many years. In 2008, he started a robotics team, Team Islandbots. After competing for a couple of years in First Lego League, Team Islandbots moved on to First Tech Challenge (FTC) and became one of the most successful teams on Long Island, twice advancing to the World Championship. David Bershadsky is an 18-year-old currently studying electrical engineering. He likes to spend time on projects such as building robots and designing PCBs. He got into robotics during 7th grade, when he joined the Islandbots FTC team 4137, coached by Alexander Kirillov.

David Bershadsky


Alexander "Shurik" Kirillov



PCB Fabrication & Assembly

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