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Oct 23, 2020

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Production Updates and RoverWing Romi Robot Kit

by David Bershadsky

Thank you to all of our backers who have supported us throughout this process. In order to guarantee that all RoverWings that are delivered are all perfectly functioning, we have been working on designing an automatic testing jig in order to perform quick quality control checks on every RoverWing that we deliver.

Our testing jig PCB has been ordered and we expect to get it delivered within the next week and to have it set up and working in the following days.

Romi Robot Kit

Some of you may remember how we previously offered a full robot kit as an option for buying the RoverWing when we attempted to start our journey on Kickstarter. During our transition to Crowd Supply, we decided to drop that option due to logistical complexity. We have decided to not let that idea go to waste, and release the parts list as well as an instructional tutorial on how to build the RoverWing Romi Robot kit. This approach lowers the cost of actually getting a RoverWing Romi robot because it removes the logistical costs and complexity of us acquiring all the components, repacking them, and then redistributing them and allows you, the users, to get the parts directly.

The parts list for the Romi kit includes:
Romi Kit
Reflectance Sensor
HC SR-04 Sonar Sensors

Here is the tutorial video for how to assemble the RoverWing Romi robot:

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