All-in-one USB to isolated-UARTx2/CAN/USB/RS485/RS232 converter

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Ollie is an isolated, multifunction interface module and USB-to-isolated-UARTx2/CAN/USB/RS485/RS232 converter. This versatile device combines our most commonly used interface modules into one safe, reliable, compact, and affordable package.

Need quick access to safe power? Ollie’s isolated power output requires that you to set a voltage level before plugging in the host USB, which prevents accidental changes in voltage. Finally, all interfaces are ESD protected.

Pinout Diagram

Features and Specifications:

  • Isolated UART:
    • Two isolated UART ports
    • Data Rate up to 12 Mbps
    • 1.8V/3V3/5V voltage levels (set by slide switch).
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated CAN:
    • Based on CANable/CANtact open hardware
    • By default flashed with *dual firmware CANtact and Candlelight*, firmware is set by the Dip Switch
    • Termination Resistor switch
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated Power Supply:
    • 1V8/3V3/5V output voltage(set by slide switch). Output voltage can set only before USB is plugged in, to prevent accidental level change (hackable in firmware)
    • Current-limited with auto-restart (~100mV drop at max current)
      • 5V @ 200mA
      • 3V3 @ 300mA
      • 1V8 @ 300mA
    • Reverse voltage protection up to 10V
    • Reverse current protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
  • Isolated downstream USB:
    • USB Type-A connector
    • Supports 1.5 Mbps (low speed) or 12 Mbps (full speed) USB devices
    • Current limited with auto-restart
    • Reverse current protection
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated RS485:
    • Bias and Termination resistors switches
    • Error-free transmission up to 500 kbps
    • ESD protection
  • Isolated RS232:
    • Typical data rate of 235 kbps.
    • ESD protection
  • Optional: CAN/RS232/RS485 DB9 pluggable connector

Product Use-cases:

  • High speed 1V8/3V3/5V isolated UART
  • Power up your project from USB port safely
  • Auto Flash ESP32, Arduino or similar
  • Isolate any USB (Full speed/Low Speed) device
  • Isolated CAN to interface with vehicles
  • Communicate with any system that uses RS485/RS232

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