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A high-end, Linux-capable RISC-V dev board based on the PolarFire SoC

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SAVVY-V is the culmination of two years of thinking about and designing a RISC-V development board that is both high-end and flexible. I’m striving for tidy component placement and minimal cable mess, while supporting a wide range of features and use cases:

Render of stack of six SAVVY-V boards

Features & Specifications


Microchip’s PolarFire SoC is just now becoming available. How does SAVVY-V differ from the Icicle Kit and PolarBerry, which use the same SoC? SAVVY-V has more DDR memory (4 GB for LPDDR4 rather than 2 GB, and additional LPDDR3 for FPGA logic), more storage (up to for eMMC 5.1), and high-speed (5 GT/s or 4 Gbps) USB Type-C to connect between SAVVY-V or expansion boards. Of course, SAVVY-V will be correspondingly more expensive as well, though I don’t know the exact pricing yet due to the fact Polarfire SoC pricing is not yet publicly available. Moreover, some custom requests on memory capacity and SoC logic density (25K, 95K, 160K, or 250K logic elements) and speed (standard or 15% faster -1 speed grade) will have different pricing.

Block Diagram

1. 4 x eMMC 5.18. USB-UART micro USB15. microSD slot
2. Debug9. Gb Ethernet RJ4516. LPDDR4
3. PolarFire SoC10. Gb Ethernet RJ4517. Quad buck regulator
4. Clock generator11. 1/10 Gbps SFP+18. Power supply input
5. RTC battery12. 1/10 Gbps SFP+19. PC/104+
6. FTDI USB-UART13. LPDDR320. 6 x USB Type-C carrying PCIe 2.0
7. USB 2.0 OTG14. LED header21. PCIe 2.0 switch

Stay in Touch

As I make progress on the board design and eventually make and test prototypes, I’ll post updates on this page. You can subscribe to updates by clicking the big button at the top of the page. You can also get in touch with me directly, and I encourage you to check out the Flexible Open Source Hardware for RISC-V (FOSOH-V) LinkedIn group I created.

About the Team

Ali Uzel

Istanbul, Turkey

As a designer I enjoy thinking original designs in my mind, following technology. Working on designs.

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