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Jun 17, 2018

Project update 6 of 14

Second and Third Stretch Goals

Now that we’re close to unlocking a Tomu with every NeTV2 board, I’m very excited to announce two more stretch goals for the NeTV2: at $40,000, we unlock the enhanced thermal management kit, and at $60,000, all of the backers who purchased the XC7A50T developer option will get their FPGAs upgraded to an XC7A100T!

Thermal Management Kit

Once the campaign reaches $40,000, I’ll have raised sufficient funds to invest in the tooling for a fan that mounts on the Peek Array. This fan allows the NeTV2 to run heavier AI-oriented workloads or continuously operate in hot A/V cabinets.

Once this tier is unlocked, all backers who ordered the Quickstart version will get a free thermal management kit pre-installed in their cases. For those who prefer to build their own system, the fan plus Peek Array mount will be sold as a kit for $25. Keep cool and hack on!

Developer Edition Upgrade

Many backers have sprung for the higher-capacity "50T" version of the FPGA for their NeTV2 boards.

The interest in this version is strong enough that if we can double the current production numbers, I can afford to upgrade all of the 50T boards to a 100T FPGA, giving you a roughly 3x boost in logic and RAM capacity over the standard 35T version.

So, if the campaign can reach $60,000, all of the backers who selected the $100 supplement for a higher-capacity FPGA will receive a 100T on their boards — a great value, considering that the 100T FPGA lists for about $170 on Digi-Key. The 100T FPGA will enable you to do even more with the NeTV2, especially if you’re looking to implement AI applications.

I’ll also throw in an upgrade to the local voltage regulators on the PCB, so that the power supplies can provide the extra watts necessary to power such an upgraded beast. And of course, we’ll have already unlocked the thermal management kit at $40,000 by this point, so you’ll also have the cooling needed to remove the extra heat.

I’m super excited about the possibility of unlocking even more capability in the NeTV2. Remember, the upgraded FPGA is a campaign-exclusive offer that expires at the end of this month when the campaign wraps up. Help spread the word, and thanks as always for your continued support!

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