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May 22, 2018

Project update 3 of 14

First Stretch Goal - Free Tomu

Now that we’ve hit our initial funding goal, I’d like to announce our first stretch goal for the NeTV2, which unlocks at $35,000: a free Tomu bundled with every NeTV2 board!

Tomu is a tiny open-source computer that fits in a USB Type-A port. NeTV2, as mated with a Raspberry Pi in the Quickstart Package, features four USB Type-A ports.

What to do with all those empty USB ports?

Well, Tomu is the easiest way to add an extra pair of status LEDs to your NeTV2. Each Tomu provides up to two USB-controllable LEDs, one red, one green, for whatever status information you need to add for your specific application.

Perhaps you’d like to know if TERC-4 audio packets are accidentally being sent down the link. Or maybe you’d like to be alerted if the video isn’t coming in at the resolution you expected. Or maybe you just want your NeTV2 to blink a light whenever it’s your birthday, simply because you can. Domo arigato, Tomu-san!

Who doesn’t want more blinkenlights? Help spread the word and get a Tomu (a $35 value) for free!

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