ANAVI Fume Extractor

The open source smart solder smoke absorber

Jun 04, 2020

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Parts Sourcing and Build Process

by ANAVI Technology

ANAVI Fume Extractor has successfully funded and all stretch goals have been met far before the end of the crowfunding campaign, so I have contacted suppliers and started sourcing various components. Most of the mechanical parts have already been delivered and we can have a closer look at them.

As some of you know, we will make and assemble the printed circuit boards in my hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I am trying to support local manufacturing and if possible purchase parts from local factories and suppliers even when their prices are not the best. However, ANAVI Fume Extractor contains a lot of parts, some of which are so specific that nobody manufactures them locally. Because of this the project also relies on trusted suppliers from the US, the UK, Germany, Poland and China.

Acrylic Enclosures

Each kit of ANAVI Fume Extractor contains 4 transparent acrylic enclosures. They have been designed with the free and open source tool OpenSCAD. The source and the schematics are available in GitHub. For the laser cutting I rely on a local Bulgarian company from Stara Zagora. Please note that there are protective films on both sides of each acrylic enclosure which you need to carefully remove.

Screws, Nuts and Stand-offs

ANAVI Fume Extractor contains various screws, nuts and washers for attaching the printed circuit board, the fan, the display and the sensor modules. Believe it or not, the most difficult-to-source part is the 20mm M4 metal stand-off. Each ANAVI Fume Extractor kit contains 4 of them. I couldn’t find anyone in Bulgaria making stand-offs with the exact required size, so through a local supplier we imported the "abstandsbolzen" from Germany.


ANAVI Fume Extractor comes with a 80mm 5V/0.25A brushless DC fan. This type of a fan is primarily used in personal computers. Unfortunately, this is another part that nobody makes in Bulgaria so I had to import it from China.


All kits will come in an eco friendly recyclable cardboard box made in the small Bulgarian town Lyaskovets. Although I do my best to reduce plastic packaging as much as I can, some small plastic bags made in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria are still required to store the components in the kit. The stickers will be printed in my hometown Plovdiv.

The next and most complex manufacturing step is the printed circuit board. It contains numerous components from various suppliers all around the world. We will make it in a small local factory in my hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The manufacturing is scheduled to start right after the end of the campaign when we know the exact quantities.

All this is possible only because of your support. Thank you very much for ordering ANAVI Fume Extractor from Crowd Supply! Stay tuned for more updates with technical information, tutorials, and news about the manufacturing process.


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