ANAVI Fume Extractor

by Anavi Technology

The open source smart solder smoke absorber

Aug 03, 2020

The First Batch of PCBs is Ready

Great news! On Friday we received the first batch of printed circuit boards (PCB) for ANAVI Fume Extractor. Read the full update.

Jul 23, 2020

Manufacturing Update

A quick manufacturing update regarding ANAVI Fume Extractor: We stocked 09325-M/45 PPI foam media filters. We stocked more M2.5 and M2 screws, nuts and washers. The first small batch of printed circuit boards is expected from the local factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by the end of next week. Thank you again for supporting the open project ANAVI Fume Extractor. So far there no delays and manufacturing is happening at a good pace. We will keep you updated with any progress! Read the full update.

Jul 01, 2020

[Video] Running ANAVI Fume Extractor on Batteries

Thank you for your support! ANAVI Fume Extractor crowdfunding ended successfully and we have started the manufacturing of the printed circuit boards. In the mean time, a frequently asked question is: 'can you run ANAVI Fume Extractor on batteries?' And the answer is: 'Yes, absolutely!' Last weekend I visited the local hipster district in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria to record a short video demonstration to show you how. Read the full update.

Jun 22, 2020

Ending Soon and PCB Manufacturing

Our super successful crowdfunding campaign draws to an exciting close! Thank you very much for your support. With your generous help ANAVI Fume Extractor will go from prototype to mass-manufactured do-it-yourself kit for makers. Read the full update.

Jun 15, 2020

[Video] ANAVI Fume Extractor Assembly Guide

This tutorial explains the exact steps of how to assemble the ANAVI Fume Extractor developer kit. The whole process can take up to 30-40min. A screwdriver is required. Read the full update.

Jun 04, 2020

Parts Sourcing and Build Process

ANAVI Fume Extractor has successfully funded and all stretch goals have been met far before the end of the crowfunding campaign, so I contacted suppliers and started sourcing various components. Most of the mechanical parts have already been delivered and we can have a closer look at them. As some of you know, we will make and assemble the printed circuit boards in my hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I am trying to support local manufacturing and if possible purchase parts from local factories and suppliers even when their prices are not the best. However, ANAVI Fume Extractor contains a lot of parts... Read the full update.

May 28, 2020

From Gas Detector to Fume Extractor

In August 2019 I created an ESP8266-powered, open source, Wi-Fi dev board for monitoring indoor air quality and detecting dangerous gases called ANAVI Gas Detector. I placed one ANAVI Gas Detector in my kitchen and soon after that I placed another on my desk for maker activities. At that time while soldering I was using a bulky and noisy smoke absorber. Naturally, an idea came to my mind: let's upgrade the gas detector to a fume extractor by putting a brushless 5V DC fan and a filter. ANAVI Fume Extractor was born! Read the full update.

May 18, 2020

Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Crowd Supply Discord

The crowdfunding campaign of the ANAVI Fume Extractor has met all stretch goals! All backers will get cool stickers with their kits and we will start preparing video tutorials to simplify the getting started process. In the meantime, join my AMA at Crowd Supply Discord channel! The chat starts at Wednesday, May 20th 2020 at 1PM Pacific and will go for about an hour. Read the full update.

May 13, 2020

Designed with Free and Open Source Tools Only!

Wow, the launch of the crowdfunding campaign was a blast! In less than a week ANAVI Fume Extractor was funded and hit the first stretch goal. All backers will get cool stickers with their kits. With your help we expect to hit the second stretch goal really soon! Read the full update.

May 05, 2020

Ready To Launch!

ANAVI Fume Extractor is here! It is an open source smart smoke absorber for makers at an affordable price. There are literary hundreds of projects for solder fume extractors on the maker. ANAVI Fume Extractor stands out with several key features. Read the full update.

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Starter Kit

The perfect kit for getting started. Includes ANAVI Fume Extractor PCB (1), 5 V DC 80x80 mm fan (1), acrylic enclosure (1), filters (2), 0.96" OLED display (1), and USB-to-serial debug cable (1).


Advanced Kit

The kit for makers. Includes ANAVI Fume Extractor PCB (1), 5 V DC 80x80 mm fan (1), acrylic enclosure (1), filters (2), 0.96" OLED display (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1), HTU21D temperature, and humidity sensor (1) and MQ-135 gas sensor (1).


Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs! Includes ANAVI Fume Extractor PCB (1), 5 V DC 80x80 mm fan (1), acrylic enclosure (1), filters (2), 0.96" OLED display (1), USB-to-serial debug cable (1) and all sensor modules: HTU21D temperature and humidity sensor (1), MQ-135 gas sensor (1), BH1750 light sensor (1), and BMP180 temperature and barometric pressure sensor (1).


Family Kit

The ultimate solution that features a developer kit and three advanced kits.


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