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Jul 01, 2020

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[Video] Running ANAVI Fume Extractor on Batteries

by ANAVI Technology

Thank you for your support! ANAVI Fume Extractor crowdfunding ended successfully and we have started the manufacturing of the printed circuit boards.

In the mean time, a frequently asked question is can you run ANAVI Fume Extractor on batteries? and the answer is Yes, absolutely! Just use a USB power bank and connect it with an appropriate USB cable to the microUSB connector on the ANAVI Fume Extractor.

Last weekend I visited the local hipster district in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria to record a short video demonstration.

The power consumption of the ANAVI Fume Extractor developer kit with the fan and all peripherals turned on is about 0.5A. The board operates at 5V. The 80mm fan consumes 0.25A. You can adjust the hardware jumper to turn off the WiFi and slightly reduce the overall power consumption.

Plovdiv is slowly recovering after the big lock-down. Most of the tourist attractions are now open again but of course due to the current circumstances there are almost no tourists. This was an opportunity for me to peacefully take a few photos at the ancient Roman stadium. Most of it is still buried below the main pedestrian street, only the northern curved part of the stadium has been partially restored. There is a small model of the full stadium and ANAVI Fume Extractor landed on it with a USB power bank for the photo shoot.

By the way, if you, like me, miss traveling while staying safe and practicing social distancing, Google street view offers you an opportunity for a short walk to the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv directly through your web browser.


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