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Jan 14, 2018

Project update 10 of 19

Happy New Year

Thank you for supporting the open source project ANAVI Infrared pHAT in 2017. It was an adventurous year. Thank you for being part of it!

As you know, we experienced some manufacturing challenges during December, but I am happy to announce that we returned back to normal pace and all orders placed during 2017 have already been shipped. As a small compensation, all delayed orders for kits got a 3D printed microSD card holder.

We have just a few ANAVI Infrared pHATs in stock, so hurry and order another unit now. Due to the enormous demand we have started working on another batch of boards.

Furthermore we are preparing both new software and hardware projects as well as on a open source newsletter. You still have the chance to have a look at ANAVI Light pHAT - our open source hardware project for controlling RGB LED strip via Raspberry Pi. This add-on board is compatible with the popular home automation platform Home Assistant. ANAVI Light pHAT allows you to unleash your imagination and make your unique table lamp.

Best regards,

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