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Dec 28, 2017

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Manufacturing Challenges During the Holiday Season

Last week the last batch with Infrared pHATs for 2017 was delivered from the local factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Now I am testing and preparing the boards for shipping. All pre-orders for ANAVI Infrared pHAT (for 16 USD) will be shipped on 28th and 29th December via registered airmail service of the Bulgarian posts.

Unfortunately, due to a delay from our suppliers of sensors, the rest of the pre-orders for kits with ANAVI Infrared pHAT will be shipped with a short delay. Approximately 15 pre-orders for kits will be affected. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please remain patient. In the coming days I will contact each one of you via email and provide a compensation for the delay.

Although, we shipped all orders placed during the crowdfunding period ahead of schedule, at the moment we are struggling with pre-orders for kits due to a lost parcel with sensors. The sensors are needed to make the I2C sensor modules included in the Starter, Advanced, Developer, Combo and Family kits. We can make and assemble printed circuit boards in Plovdiv, Bulgaria but we rely on suppliers for some of the components. I ordered the sensors in November but they have not been delivered yet due to the huge load during the holiday season. This week I switched to plan B and I have ordered another parcel with sensors which should be delivered to Plovdiv via the express services of DHL. Please stay tuned for updates.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. May the open source force be with you!


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