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Board v9.0 Coming Soon

Hi all,

I’ve gotten some feedback on how to improve Haasoscope. Here’s a picture of the new haasoscope v9 board! It fixes a number of small issues from the original board:

  • BNC inputs farther apart
  • Detect positions of gain and termination switches automatically
  • Correct 1M input impedance, for correct 10x probe gain
  • Other minor fixes

We’ll be manufacturing a new batch of these soon… Should be available in a few months!


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Product Choices


The Haasoscope Bundle

Receive 1 Haasoscope + 2 probes + USB-serial adapter + USB blaster + screen


Your very own Haasoscope!

A fully assembled Haasoscope, preloaded with firmware and ready for data-taking!



This lets you reprogram the Haasoscope FPGA firmware from either Windows or Linux using the free Altera Quartus II software via the JTAG connector.


Oscilloscope Probes

Two passive 100 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope probes for connecting to Haasoscope 100 MHz ADC inputs using BNC.


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I teach physics at NYU. I use electronics for research, in teaching, and as a hobby.

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