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May 17, 2021

Project update 21 of 21

Version 9.01 and python3 Qt

by Andrew H

Here’s an update on the Haasoscope!

The v9.01 board has been available for a while now, replacing the original v8 board. It fixes a number of minor issues based on user feedback, and it can also sense when you’ve switched into supergain or 50 ohm modes for each channel, to adjust the software correctly.

There is also a new python3 Qt-based GUI software - see screenshot below! No more random keyboard shortcuts etc. - this is full-fledged oscilloscope program with graphical controls that are far more intuitive. To try it out, just git pull the latest software from https://github.com/drandyhaas/Haasoscope and then run python3 HaasoscopeQt.py. The documentation at https://goo.gl/1Ry1k4 has also been updated.

And there’s also 3d printable cases now: https://github.com/drandyhaas/Haasoscope/tree/master/3d.

PS - check out my latest project, Maxwell mesh Wi-Fi.

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