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Haasoscope is the first open source, open hardware, flexible, small, cheap, oscilloscope and data-acquisition board. You can use the stock firmware for basic oscilloscope functionality, or modify the firmware to customize what the Haasoscope does. You can add a fancy trigger algorithm, use the FPGA to process the input data, make use of other analog or digital I/O channels, or whatever! Oh, and just connect two or more Haasoscopes together if you need more input channels!

Haasoscope is also far more powerful than a normal oscilloscope. Imagine trying to build a ping-pong playing robot, a levitating magnetic platform, or a self-navigating drone - you’d need to read in high-speed data from various sensors, analog and digital, process all that data quickly, and respond in real-time. No problem - Haasoscope can handle that, even while running on batteries.

Who Needs It and Why?

If you’re a hobbyist on a budget, there’s no need to buy a $500 scope to debug circuits anymore, even high-speed ones. Haasoscope has all the features you need, plus it’s expandable and customizable, can be powered from USB, and fits in your pocket - all at a fraction of the cost of a full size ‘scope.

Haasoscope is also a great platform for students. They can see high-speed circuits in action, learn FPGA programming, data transmission protocols, etc. - at a price affordable for the classroom. They’re perfect for a lab class in EE, CS, or physics.

You can even use Haasoscope for professional work - scientific research, industrial applications, communications, security, entertainment, finance, … anytime you need to tackle high-speed data on a project. Haasoscope’s flexibility and expandability lets you build a system that meets your needs, whether it’s four channels and solar-powered in a remote desert, or 400 channels monitoring electronic noise levels in a cell-phone tower.

Features & Specifications

Comparison Table

ChannelsSample rate (MHz)Bandwidth (MHz)Recording depthPC user interface and displayOpen source firmware, software, hardwareExpandable to more channels
Haasoscope4125 - 2506032kYesYes! Yes! Yes!Yes!
Rigol DS1104Z4100010012MNoNo No NoNo
PicoScope 2205A22002516kYesNo No NoNo
Owon VDS1022I2100255kYesNo No NoNo
OpenScope26.252~100kYesYes Yes YesNo
SmartScope2100452kYesYes Yes NoNo

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Produced by Andy Haas in New York, NY.

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About the Team

Andy Haas

New York, NY  ·

Professor of Physics by day and open-source/open-hardware tinkerer by night

Andrew Haas

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