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We Are Live!

by Andrew H

I’m very excited to be launching Maxwell today! My goal with all of my projects is to create something useful—something that I really want to have myself—and then to enjoy sharing it with all of you.

I’ve struggled with Wi-Fi for years. It has let me down in so many different ways: random crashes, outages, poor signal strength, disappointing speeds, buggy phone apps, and companies dropping support for their products or going out of business, to name just a few examples. I want to be in charge of my own Wi-Fi! I also want a mesh system that is powerful, stable, secure, flexible, and easy to install, use, and monitor. I believe Maxwell is all the above. The six-node Maxwell mesh in my house has been keeping me, my kids, and my girlfriend happy for months.

I’m excited for you all to try it out!

About the Author

Andrew H

 New York, NY

$15,921 raised

of $15,000 goal

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Product Choices


Tri-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra tri-band node.


Dual-Band Maxwell Node

Expand your mesh by adding an extra dual-band node.


Outdoor Maxwell Node

Introduce your mesh to the great outdoors by adding one or more weatherized nodes.


Andy Haas

Professor of Physics by day and open-source/open-hardware tinkerer by night

Andrew Haas

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