A $50 open source smartphone based on the Raspberry Pi Zero

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ZeroPhone is an open source, Linux-powered, $50 smartphone. It has no carrier locks, bloated apps, or data mining, and it doesn’t depend on big companies - instead, its open source hardware and software give you as much control over your phone as possible.

ZeroPhone is user-friendly and will have the typical features of a phone, but will give you advanced features when you need them. You can modify and repair it easily, and it’s power-user and programmer-friendly. It’s also built from widely available components, so you can build a ZeroPhone independently if you need to.

Features & Specifications

  • Based on Raspberry Pi Zero, ESP8266 and Arduino
  • Has Wi-Fi, HDMI, full-size USB and a 3.5 mm jack (Bluetooth as an option)
  • 2G GSM connectivity (3G coming soon)
  • 128 x 64 1.3" OLED screen
  • GSM/Wi-Fi/microphone hardware switch option
  • RGB LED and vibromotor

Uses of Extension Ports

  • IR receiver/transmitter
  • Additional displays and buttons
  • 5 MP / 8 MP Pi Camera
  • Extended batteries
  • Various sensors, both analog and digital
  • Wireless radios for IoT
  • GPS, Ethernet and MicroSD expansion
  • ...and much more.

Perfect for Development

  • Runs Linux and gives you root access
  • SSH into it and use Linux software!
  • Attach a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop
  • Use APIs for controlling the behaviour of your ZeroPhone
  • Create the phone of your dreams

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