Asylum Meuse Cyclocross Bike

A carbon fiber, disc brake cyclocross bike.

Oct 31, 2013

Project update 22 of 24

Asylum Meuse is Shipping!

Hello Asylum backers.

The time has come. We are shipping bikes.

Since receiving our initial batch of frames, we’ve been busy with quality control and assembling our complete builds. Our initial bike builds took longer than subsequent ones because we had to hone in precise assembly measurements. Each bike frame size has different cable and housing measurements. Once we had built up a full size run of bikes in the various options we offer, we knew exactly how long to cut the cables and housing per sku. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that your disc brakes were set up correctly.Now that we’ve made it through the initial builds, things should begin moving much faster and bikes will be going out the door in higher volume.

First bikes and frames went out the door today. More to come.

Look for an update on our fulfillment process next week as well as a piece on assembling your bike once it arrives.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Patrick w/Asylum

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