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Athlematics Book - Quantifying Athleticism

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Athlematics is a discussion regarding the dynamics of athletic training methodology.

This book will expose the reader to new terms and concepts while also challenging the reader to further educate themselves within the sciences behind the enhancement of an athlete.

About Athlematics

I was inspired to write this book while attending an internship with the University of Hawaii’s Strength and Conditioning program on Oahu. After taking a large amount of notes throughout the experience, I chose to add them to a file of other valuable notes; which I had taken while studying Human Physiology in college.

I began to realize that the content was very unique and dynamic, and that with a bit of rearranging and structural work, the file could be the start of a great book. It took me almost four years to write the book. These years were mostly composed of the thorough research required to support the concepts and knowledge I was discussing in the text. I have been fortunate as a conditioning coach to have the connections and relevant experiences I have had in the world of athletics.

These connections reinforced my book, as I had the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Washington Redskins and the Oregon Ducks review my work for criticisms and feedback. These reviews came back positive and reassuring. The Vice-President of the San Francisco 49’ers has also written a supportive review of my work. In addition to these great contributions, I have also had collegiate and professional athletes conduct reviews of my work, such as Yvenson Bernard of the Seattle Seahawks (former Oregon State Beaver), as well as Ryan Clanton of the Oregon Ducks. This is a very exciting endeavor for me and I am hoping to gain some traction in its fulfillment through Crowd Supply.

Who Should Read Athlematics?

This book will benefit everyone, from the health and fitness enthusiast or weekend warrior, all the way to the professional, elite athlete and their coaches. This includes everything between:

  • High school and collegiate athletes and coaches
  • Sport-specific specialists and athletes
  • Personal trainers
  • CrossFit athletes
  • Physiologists and kinesiologists, etc.

This book provides an in-depth account of the processes involved in athletic performance and how to attain athletic proficiency.

What The People Are Saying

I enjoyed the information this book presented, although it will be a tough read for a “layman”. I think Rob brings up several interesting views on training. My favorite sections of the book are the load vector portion and the light load vs. heavy load information.

Ray Wright Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins

Many trainers and coaches apply “their” method of training to all of the athletes they train regardless of the need of the individual. Rob Bozada’s approach of the coach and athlete understanding the psychology and science behind training methods makes a lot of sense. Through this book, athletes and coaches will have a better understanding as to how and why results are achieved. The application of Rob’s concepts to each individual athlete cannot help but result in more comprehensive training methods geared to the individual athlete.

Murlan Fowell Vice President of Operations (Retired), San Francisco 49ers

Rob has a great sense of the athlete’s brain and central nervous system, which translates to a better understanding of the athlete as a whole. Concepts regarding anatomy and physiology, athletic training methodology, movement skills, and lifts are all complex subjects that can be broken down in several ways. After reading this text, I believe that Rob is truly a master of his craft.

Ryan Clanton Oregon Ducks, Offensive Guard, #60

With Mr. Bozada not only was I able to get bigger, stronger, and faster, but I was able to digest the science behind the body and its movements. He took my body to places it’s never been. I was able to experience the importance of a technically sound trainer.

Yvenson Bernard Former running back of the Oregon State Beavers, Saskatchewan Roughriders, St. Louis Rams, and the Seattle Seahawks

Manufacturing Plan

I am self-publishing through Amazon’s Createspace. This is a unique system that enables one to sell their book free of restrictive and impeding contracts. There are no books printed and kept “in stock”, as the books are printed on demand as dictated by customer orders.

Risks and Challenges

The main challenge for me personally has been financial. There are many hidden expenses involved in the publication and protection of intellectual property. However, financial reinforcement through Crowd Supply would be a game-changing factor. In addition to financial challenges, another challenge has been marketing. I am a new, first time author who is not yet well known in the world of athletics. This is definitely a challenge as far as exposure goes, however, this is also another factor that can be assisted through the services of Crowd Supply.

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Athlematics strives to provide the athlete and coach with viable, relevant knowledge regarding athletic training methodologies via supporting sub-practices.

Rob Bozada

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