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Aventen Formosa Sync

A high-performance dev board that runs at up to 1 GHz and provides support for Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, Ethernet, battery management, USB OTG, and MicroSD storage

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Aventen Formosa Sync is a high-performance development board equipped with a 600-MHz RT1060 microcontroller (overclockable to 1 GHz under the right conditions) and support for Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1, audio, Ethernet, USB OTG, and an array of other features, including LEDs, USB Type-C connectivity, and comprehensive battery management. Designed to provide power and versatility in a compact, breadboardable form factor, Formosa Sync has the advanced features you’re looking for, whether you’re an IoT enthusiast, a product designer, or an engineer working on industrial applications.

Key Applications

Anything that requires realtime processing and advanced connectivity, including…

Features & Specifications

Firmware & Software Support

The NXP RT1060 board stands poised to offer a transformative experience for casual makers and professional developers alike. To ensure accessibility and flexibility, we’ve taken a two-faceted approach to board initialization and use.

For makers and hobbyists, our primary goal is to ensure a convenient out-of-the-box experience. To that end, we have preinstalled a robust bootloader that is tailored for standard platforms like Arduino and PlatformIO. This approach reduces the learning curve and provides immediate access to familiar development environments. To ensure the versatility of Aventen Formosa Sync, we’ve made sure that our bootloader can be updated by end users.

Professional developers often require more control, however, so we also provide direct MCU access by exposing Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and JTAG pins, which accommodate direct programming and advanced debugging. This ensures that the board remains compatible with professional toolchains and environments like MCUXpresso, allowing seasoned developers to leverage the full potential of the MCU.

Open Source

We will publish the Aventen Formosa Sync schematic, firmware, and other design documents on our GitHub repository by the time our campaign goes live.

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Hackster News

"The compact board contains the high-performance NXP i.MX RT1060 microcontroller, external memories, a Murata 1ZM for wireless connectivity, and a Microchip LAN872A for wired Ethernet in a slim package. "

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