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Raspberry Breadstick

A long, lean, delicious development board with a unique form factor and high-quality components

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Raspberry Breadstick is a long, lean, delicious development board with a unique form factor and high-quality components, here to spice up your usually bland breadboard and tidy your workspace.

Raspberry Breadstick gets its flavor from the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s tasty RP2040 microcontroller. With dual ARM Cortex M0+ processors running at 133 MHz, 264 kB of SRAM, and 16 MB of flash memory, this breadstick cuts through the competition. Powerful enough to run CircuitPython and MicroPython, once you taste Raspberry Breadstick, you won’t crave anything else.

But that’s not all. We’ve spread flavorful components all over this Breadstick. For input we’ve added a 6-axis IMU that combines a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. Keeping the recipe light and bright, we added 24 addressable RGB LEDs with dedicated clock and data pins for super high refresh rates. And with power coming in from USB-C PD, whipping up a quick POV display is easy!

Goodbye Spaghetti Wires, Hello Raspberry Breadstick!

There are many breadboard compatible development boards, so why this one? Well, most boards follow a pattern of "saving space" by placing all pins directly next to each other, shoving everything into minuscule space. Unfortunately, this means you then need long jumpers in order to build circuits, and keeping track of everything is hard. If you have a specific use case in mind there can be good reason to use a tiny dev board, but if you are testing, experimenting, or aren’t constrained on space, it’s needlessly challenging for beginners and experts alike.

Raspberry Breadstick sees this problem and rises to the occasion. It doesn’t require long jumpers because each I/O pin is strategically spaced to build directly off each breadboard pin. This allows users to cook up ideas, easily utilizing and keeping track of everything on their board, without worrying about their project becoming a mess of spaghetti wire.

Features and Specifications

Open Source

We can’t keep a recipe like this to ourselves, so you can find our open source hardware files in our public Github repo. Breadstick innovations is passionate about open source, and this project is fully open.

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About the Team

Breadstick Innovations

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  ·  breadstick_kits

A team of creative hardware developers re-imagining the electronics prototyping experience.

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