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108% Funded!

Thanks so much for the kind support to help make the Bandynami project a reality! Can’t wait to start shipping. If you’ve already ordered yours, please let your friends and family know there’s still 13 days left.

It makes a great stocking-stuffer and will be available on Crowd Supply during BlackFriday and Cyber Monday.

For those of you lucky enough to own or have access to a laser cutter, we are working on getting the files up online (they will be downloadable for free), so keep an eye on your inboxes!

Thanks again everyone!

$830 raised

of $500 goal

166% Funded!
Not Available
Nov 22 2015
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I'm a Senior Art Director for a large Napa Valley wine & spirits company. I enjoy sketching, modeling, prototyping, and I'm lucky enough that I get to do them every day.

Jerry Braccia



Plastic Manufacturer

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