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The Modern Pencil Cup

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Nov 22 2015
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" A particularly great look comes over people’s faces when they pass by and realize what it does, and how, and their level of excitement over [Bandynami] is very encouraging."

Why redesign the pencil cup? Because we can.

What is it?

Regular rubber bands wrap around a cube giving you instant visibility and access to all your stuff. Buy your sets in a choice of four colors here or download the plans for free and make your own with your own tweaks. Please make sure to share them on our Instagram – show us all the cool ideas we missed!

Who’d want this?

The Bandynami is fun to build, and makes putting your stuff away fun as well. The Bandynami has gotten great feedback from people with varied interests: kids of all ages, teachers, parents, painters, sculptors, hobbyists, crafters, scrap-bookers, sketch-noters, doodlers…

The Bandynami is a great project for kids who like to build and tinker, and can be re-constructed for continued entertainment. Bring Bandynami to a school or classroom to teach kids about spatial construction and awareness, in a fun an colorful way that they can use after!

What can you put in it?

Whether you’re saving a nub of a worn crayon or securing a long, expensive paint brush – you can put those extra rubber bands laying around the house to use. Build yourself a tool that suspends all your tools in a web of "awesome-obviousness."

The awesome friends at!

I’m Jerry Braccia. I created the first Bandynami prototype while a student at the School of Visual Arts (MFA in Design program) back in 2007. Over the past few years I’ve made many prototypes, improvements (and fails); now I use mine every day at home and at work.

At Maker Faires in the (Bay Area and Portland), I was surprised to find out lots of people wanted a Bandynami of their own, which lead me to explore options for producing and distributing it. I hope to do so with the help of the crowdfunding communities. is, in my opinion, the only crowdfunding platform where projects can be improved by the awesome people contributing to them in a lean, open-source way. The great collective mind of the Crowdsupply staff helped me tweak the design, making it better and ready to produce faster than I ever could on my own.

Bandynami colors: Well Red, Laboratory Lime, Wood Chuck, Blues Band

Get yours for free!

In the following few days or so, I hope to make the plans available online (for free) so those lucky enough to have access to a laser cutter or 3D printer can make their own (I only ask for pictures of your creations).

I will also look into uploading the plans onto online marketplaces like Ponoko or Thingyverse*. Sign up for updates to find out when they’re available.

About Me

I’m a Senior Art Director for a large Napa Valley wine & spirits company. I enjoy sketching, modeling, prototyping, and I’m lucky enough that I get to do them every day.

If you’re like me, with lots of tools & supplies, hopefully you’ll agree I’ve created a nice home for them.

Together we can hold it all together!

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I'm a Senior Art Director for a large Napa Valley wine & spirits company. I enjoy sketching, modeling, prototyping, and I'm lucky enough that I get to do them every day.

Jerry Braccia



Plastic Manufacturer

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