ESP32-M1 Reach Out

A compact, open ESP32-M1 dev board with a Wi-Fi range of up to 1.2 km

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Dec 22, 2021

Project update 9 of 15

Modified PCB Design for Replacement Chip

by Manimaran Kanesan

It’s not possible to enter manufacturing for the ESP32-M1 design with the TI part due to the part shortage issue and with the price hike. A suitable replacement for this chip was found, after some search, from Analog Devices.

The technical parameters are similar to the TI part, but not the footprint. Analog Device parts are purchased and soldered to the current PCB board with some modifications, as the footprint is different. The design has been tested for crucial parameters and has the same performance as the TI part. Please see the new design at

The new PCB with Analog Devices footprint is currently being ordered for further testing. If in between the TI part comes available, the manufacturing will go with the TI part.

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ESP32-M1 Reach Out is part of Qorvo RF Accelerator

Key Components

QPF4219TR13-5K · RF front end
enables RF range

RFSW8009TR7 · RF switch
enables RF range

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