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Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

Jul 08, 2015

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The TB Squeeze Pack is Finally Here!

Hi all,

It’s finally here! Check out the new TB Squeeze Pack below, hot off the production line.

With your support, we were able to create a packet that is like no other on the market. One that combines the all-natural goodness of TB in a specially designed pouch that is perfect for convenient, on-the-go fueling, whether at work or play. After several bumps in the production road over the past year, we’re proud to unveil this final version to you.

Some of you may have already seen that the Squeeze Pack is now available at over one hundred REI locations across the country, which will make it even easier and cheaper to get your TB fix. Due to delivery deadlines we were forced to ship immediately to REI after production wrapped up, but are holding off on the official launch until August 1st.

Before that happen’s we’ll be doing two things for Crowd Supply backers:

  1. Having a launch party in Portland, OR sometime between July 24 and July 31. Date TBD
  2. Shipping out your pledge packages.

Plans are still firming up for these events, but we wanted to at least let you know they were in the works. We’ll be back soon with details so you can mark you calendars.

Thanks everyone. Please don’t hesitate to write to us at with follow up questions.

Jeff, Brad & Team

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