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Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

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Apr 20 2014
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We’re grateful to say the least by all the support you guys have shown over the past month and a half to fund and promote this project. With the funding goal reached (Thank you!), we still have some time left until the official closing date of April 20. Why not step the bar up and shoot for the moon.

That’s where “10K in 10Days” comes in. This stretch goal will help fund a retail display box for the new Squeeze Pack (see image). In return, if we reach the $10,000 mark, all backers will receive a bonus 3-pack of single-serves to show how much we appreciate your help in making the Squeeze Pack AND the box a reality.

Whatever happens, it’s been incredible seeing the response from all of you during this campaign. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Trail Butter Stretch Goal

First there was a jar. Then a re-sealable pouch. Now, with your help as backers, we’re looking to make it even easier to get your whole-food energy and nutrition on-the-go. With the new Trail Butter Squeeze Pack, we’re bringing our seriously delicious energy nut butters to a remarkably convenient, new single serving size. This compact pouch fits anywhere and will keep you going strong, whether you’re at work or at play.

Our campaign is seeking to raise funds that will cover the cost of a first run of Squeeze Packs; 15,000 total, which we feel will be enough to supply our current locations with this new and exciting product option, as well as pursue new retail and online opportunities that will help push our growing business to a new level.

Items covered in the campaign goal include:

With community at the core of Bogg’s Trail Butter, we’d be honored and excited if you’d join us on this ride by pledging whatever amount you feel comfortable with, or by helping us to spread the word to friends and family, who you feel would get behind our mission to provide healthy, whole-food energy on-the-go. You can also show your support via social media at and

Thanks for your support. Read below for more on Trail Butter and specifics on how we plan to realize this goal. And please check us out online at and on Facebook at

Healthy Convenience, it’s kind of our thing.

Back in 2012, brothers Jeff and Brad started off selling handcrafted nut butters at Portland-area farmer’s markets, and since the very beginning, Trail Butter has been all about creating accessible, healthy nutrition. Now almost 2 years later, we see the new 1.15oz Squeeze Pack as the ultimate realization of this philosophy, and hope you will support us in making this next exciting chapter of the Trail Butter story a reality.

But just what is Trail butter, you ask?

As you might have guessed, our base ingredients are nuts— or as we call them, nature’s power pellets. We fortify our nut blends with natural ingredients like flax seeds, coconut oil, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. Call it a spreadable energy bar, or a ground up trail mix. The result is a balanced spread that is 1) DELICIOUS and 2) offers a slow-burning, lasting energy. Trail Butter is currently available in three flavors Ozark Original, Mountaineer Maple, and Expedition Espresso. It tastes great on its own, paired with an apple wedge, spread on crackers or toast, blended in a smoothie, or pretty much anywhere else. Go nuts!

It all Started with a Ride, a 10 month ride, that is.

Like the product, our beginnings were simple. Back in 2011, Jeff took a long bike trip, riding from Germany to California (with a hitch over the Atlantic as crew on a sailboat). Over the course of this nearly year-long trek, Jeff got a firsthand lesson in the importance on-the-go nutrition that’s not only healthy and convenient, but also efficient. He ate staples like nut butters, honey, dried fruits and roasted nuts to stay fueled up and energized, but somewhere in the Ozarks of Arkansas he noticed his collection of half-empty jars containers of this stuff, and thought “There has to be a better way that doesn’t take up so much space.” With that, Jeff decided to consolidate, and the rest is history. Delicious history. Once Jeff got home, Brad got hooked too. We had a new favorite snack, and gave this concoction a proper name…Trail Butter.

Cue the TB Squeeze Packs, please!!

For an active lifestyle, packable squeeze packs that are ultra-compact and nutritionally dense just make sense. You need calories? TB offers 150 to 200 in two tablespoons! Healthy fats? We got ‘em. Protein? How bout 5g in one serving. Omega-3’s? Check. Antioxidants? In abundance. Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin E? The list is long.

We’ve come a long way since that epiphany back in the Ozarks, and see our new 1.15oz Squeeze Pack as the next step on the trail. This ultra-portable solution makes it easier than ever to eat real, healthy foods, wherever you are. Just slip a Squeeze pack into your pocket, purse, pack, or jersey….and go.

The Trail Butter Flavors

1. Ozark Original

With a nod to the inviting landscapes and people of the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas where Trail Butter was born, Ozark Original combines many of the tried-and-true ingredients found in a classic trail mix to create a no-surprises, can´t-go-wrong recipe that is seen as the Trail Butter line´s flagship flavor. Nutritionally, the variety of nuts provide high amounts of protein and fiber. Dried raisins and cranberries offer potassium and antioxidants. No classic trail mix would be complete without a little bit of chocolate. Semi-sweet dark chocolate morsels bring a subtle sweetness that rounds out Ozark Original´s rich, satisfying flavor.

2. Expedition Espresso

Whether you´re on the trail or in the office, sometimes you need an extra boost to keep going strong both in body and in mind. In addition to the balanced nutritional foundation and slow-burning energy offered by the Triple-Nut-Blend base, Expedition Espresso goes further to include finely ground, roasted coffee beans, which are not only irresistible paired with the flavor´s dark chocolate component, but also energizing. For those looking for a filling, delicious nut butter that gives a quick punch when one is needed, Expedition Espresso will do the job.

3. Mountain Maple

Our Trail Butter flavor created for the purist. With only a combination of nut such as walnuts, pecans, cashews added to the triple nut blend; it’s like a handful of mixed nut sweetened with pure maple syrup. Nutritionally, the variety of nuts provide high amounts of protein and fiber. The maple syrup provides a sweetened boost from the purist of natural sugars. Spread it on toast or just enjoy it on it’s own. You can’t go wrong with Mountaineer Maple.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

Our pledge packages are named in honor of our favorite Pacific Northwest trails. To us, each of these epic routes is not only an ideal venue for enjoying Trail Butter, but an experience as unique as the product itself. For this campaign, backers will have their own bounty to discover, when they receive the gifts below, packed with plenty of Trail Butter and other enticing giveaways. Each pledge package is a symbol of our sincerest appreciation for your support. See you out on the trail!

$5 PLEDGE LEVEL: Pittock

There’s no better view of Portland than from Pittock Mansion, the goal of many an after-work or early morning run; A true Portland classic of the shorter variety. By pledging $5 to the Pittock package, campaign backers will be rewarded with:

$25 PLEDGE LEVEL: Angel’s Rest

From Angel’s Rest the panoramic view of the Columbia River Gorge is spectacular, especially after working so hard to get there. Backers who decide to support us at this level will receive:

$50 PLEDGE LEVEL: Wildwood

There’s arguably no other trail that says Portland trail running more powerfully than Wildwood, that 30-mile stretch that twists from one end of Forest Park to the other. Pledging $50 to the Wildwood will get you:

$100 PLEDGE LEVEL: Loowit

The Loowit Trail, at 28 miles long, circumnavigates still active Mt. St. Helens. Out there traversing the other-worldly blast zone, you’ll find yourself crossing over volcanic flows and weaving through ghostly downed trees. A pledge at the Loowit level will reward backers with:

$250 PLEDGE LEVEL: Timberline

At just over 40 miles, this PNW classic circumnavigates the highest peak in Oregon, Mt. Hood. Along the way you’ll ford glacial streams, pass by cascading waterfalls, and navigate volcanic talus slopes. As a Timberline pledger, you’ll receive:

$500 PLEDGE LEVEL: Wonderland

The Wonderland Trail is 93 miles of hard hiking around 14,411ft Mt. Rainier, where one can explore beautiful sub-alpine landscapes filled with colorful wildflowers, swift rivers, and verdant forests. This package will help get you fit, and fully stocked with fuel, by supplying backers with:

$1000 PLEDGE LEVEL: Pacific Crest

At 2,663 miles, the Pacific Crest Trail is the granddaddy of trails in the West. Stretching between Mexico and Canada, there’s no better way to see the wilderness and diversity this part of the country has to offer. Backers who support us generously with the Pacific Crest pledge level will be supplied with:

Product Specifications

Our family of products come in different shapes and sizes, but all share one thing in common, an emphasis on healthy convenience. Our first style of packaging was a wide-mouth, low profile jar— 8 ounces of all-natural goodness. Next, we added a more packable, and compact on-the-go option, the 4.5 ounce resealable pouch. This Bogg’s Trail Butter conveniently can be stuffed in backpacks, jacket pockets, jerseys, even a laptop bag or briefcase. Its enhanced portability left us wanting an even more convenient option, and of course, that brings us to our next venture— a go-anywhere, 1.15 ounce Squeeze Pack. This single-serving size measures around 2" wide by 4" tall, and features a built in quick-tear notch (exact dimensions still being finalized). The new Trail Butter Squeeze Pack is perfect when all you need is a small sized, slow burning pick-me-up of whole food energy. It’s lunchbox and TSA approved, too.

Manufacturing Plan

From day one, Trail Butter has been made in Portland, by hand, and in small made-to-order batches. The filling of every jar and pouch is still done with nothing but pure elbow grease. As we look to the future for Trail Butter, we plan to gradually increase volumes and streamline our manufacturing process, working with contract fillers to meet added demand, all while maintaining our high standards of quality— our number one goal.

The new TB-Squeeze Packs mark the first step in this next pivotal phase of our company.

For a contract packager, we’ve located a highly reputable west coast company to partner with in this endeavor. This company not only has the specialized equipment needed to make our 1.15 oz Squeeze Packs, but is also willing to have nuts in their facility, and work with us in smaller volumes as a first-time trial run to test the waters, before the Squeeze Pack goes viral and larger batches are needed in the near future.

Our copacker will source, manufacture and fill this first run of roughly 15,000 single serving pouches. The cost of this service, roughly \$7,500, is the main expense we are trying to cover with this campaign. This will pay for labor as well as the cost of the ingredients we’ll need to fill that many pouches. By using our copacker’s supply channels and large volume orders, we will be able to minimize cost and transfer savings to our customers. Film material that will become the finished pouch, and costs to ship the finished product are also covered in the \$7,500 campaign goal.

Obviously the most important is that we realize the Squeeze Pack itself, but there are a couple other items that we’ll need for retail sales, that we hope to fund through a stretch goal campaign. These include a snazzy display box for retail sales, and a shipping box for easy distribution.If all goes as planned, we’re aiming to have the new Squeeze Packs ready to go out to campaign backers and hit retail/online locations by mid-Summer of 2014!

Risks & Challenges

The risks associated with producing a flexible, single serve Quick Pouch of Bogg’s Trail Butter are minimal. One main consideration has to do with our small size in comparison to other larger companies using the same packaging facility. With our run being small in comparison to others, it is possible that it will be pushed back to give priority to larger orders. We will certainly keep backers updated on any changes to schedule as we proceed.

In general the pluses of using a copacker far outweigh the risks and challenges we may encounter. We’ve extensively researched contract packaging facilities and chosen to work with an industry leader that earns top inspection audit rankings. Rather than outfitting our kitchen with unique and expensive packaging equipment, it makes more sense to work with a contract packaging company who is already prepared to take on the project, and have it completed to our high standards, in short order. We can then focus our time on spreading the word about Bogg’s Trail Butter and making it available to as many retail outlets as possible. You won’t have to go far to get your next fix! Not only does this strategy save us the cost of initial set up. The facility we’ll be working with is already certified to process food products to the highest standard of health and safety.

About Bogg’s Trail Butter

Bogg’s Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting energy and nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts and home consumers alike, through the use of supplemental whole-food ingredients. Using a triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts as the foundation, dried fruits, seeds, honey and oils are added to create a tasty mixture fortified only with nature’s most energy packed foods.

This spread is a quick, convenient snack, which can be eaten alone or on crackers, bread, bagels, fruit, vegetables and much more. Bogg’s Trail Butter currently comes in two sizes, including a larger spouted, flexible stand up pouch and a recyclable plastic jar that’s perfect for home use.

What people are Saying about Trail Butter

Backpacking for three days in Utah’s Coyote Gulch with my family and another family—including four kids age nine to 12 with very different tastes—the tube of Trail Butter I brought became an instant hit with everyone and it disappeared quickly.

Michael, The Big Outside - May 23, 2013

I tried Ozark Original for lunch today and was absolutely blown away. I was expecting a variation on peanut butter, but this is to peanut butter what lobster is to hot dogs.

Jim, Pacific Crest Trail Through-Hiker – Summer 2012

I’ve tried all three flavors of Trail Butter and like them all. I sent a tub of Ozark Original to my Dad in the Midwest for Father’s Day last year and even though he isn’t much into exotic or different kinds of foods, he liked it. Take in to account the made in USA of natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong. If I was going to find a gripe, complaint, etc. it would be the lack of ability to recycle the trail packs when finished with them. However, I don’t recycle my tooth paste tubes either and continue to brush my teeth so that’s not going to stop me from buying Trail Butter trail packs because the portability and resealable screw top lids are just right for the on the go activities.

Coyote (verified owner) – February 9, 2014

5 out of 5!This trail butter will rock your world. It is no ordinary nut butter. Tastes amazing on crackers and apples, or just squeeze that delicious mixture straight into your mouth! I have to restrain myself from eating the whole pouch at once. So good! You won’t be disappointed.

Lindsey – January 9, 2014

Our family is completely addicted to Trailbutter! We always have a pouch handy for hikes, camping and afternoon snacks on the go. Our toddler is super picky, but loves this stuff. It makes our life easier to know we always have a go-to healthy snack option that will keep us fueled in our crazy hectic life.

Renee – January 26, 2014

This stuff is so awesome I get mad when I finish a pouch because I want more. I’ll even cut open the pouch to get at what I couldn’t squeeze out. It’s my primary, and sometimes only, fuel for long runs and ultramarathons. All 3 flavors are great, but my favorite is Expedition Espresso. The pouch design is great. Good size; doesn’t get lost in a pocket and holdable in hand. Cap is nice; can grip it with gloves on and no tear tab to lose.


Stoked to have Trailbutter in our resupply boxes on our Oregon Pacific Crest Trail speed record attempt. Thanks for the great fuel for the fire! :)


Meet the Trail Butter Team

Jeff Boggess, Founding Brother

With Jeff’s passion for outdoor activities, adventure, wholesome nutrition and entrepreneurship, developing a product like Bogg’s Trail Butter is a natural fit. Born and raised in an active healthy family, Jeff’s current interest include, trail running, long distance cycling and backcountry skiing. All activities where it’s good to have a Trail Butter pouch easily accessible for a quick shot of whole-food nutrition. Jeff’s upcoming season of competitive events include the Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 miler, the Trail Factor 50k, and the White River 50-miler. Casual outings planned for the year will be a ski tour in the Wallawa Mountains, further exploration of the Cascade range near Mt. Hood and Adams, and a 3-day run of Mt. Rainier’s 93-mile Wonderland Trail.

Brad Boggess, Founding Brother

A common thread in the family seems to be maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. Brad has been adventurous from day one. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, the outdoor activities within a stone’s throw of his hometown were endless. He started skiing at the age of three and still considers it his top sport. It’s even better now that he gets to share it with a growing family. Mountain biking, hiking, trail running and travel fill in the rest of the time outside of running a growing company with his brother Jeff. It’s easy to stand behind our product, Trail Butter, when it truly is enjoyed by the entire family at play or at home. Brad participates in endurance events, club level mountain bike racing and a road race here and there. He’s looking forward to a 50K trail run this year after a marathon in 2013 along with a handful of local trail races with his wife, Janel.

Jenn Love, Support Crew and Ambassador

Her love for the outdoors, sustainable living and an active healthy lifestyle has brought her to want to share Trail Butter with other avid, nature driven enthusiasts. After her first trip with a jar of Trail Butter, she understood why Jeff and Brad had created the adventure butter for everybody to experience. She is thrilled to be joining forces with the team to collaborate in shared passions of everybody involved in the creation of the Trail Butter mission! Jenn’s interests include, a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, ultramarathon training, chiropractic, massage, yoga, and athleticism. When she isn’t busy in these pursuits, she chooses to lose herself on the trails of Forest Park or deep in the heart of the Columbia Gorge.

Kate Fischer, MS, RD, LD. Resident dietician and blog contributor

Kate Fischer holds a Masters of Science degree from Oregon State University and is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She is currently Trail Butter’s resident dietician and nutritional advisor. Kate brings many years of personal and professional experience in group training, nutritional coaching, and total wellness. Kate has completed 13 marathons, including 3 Boston Marathons, as well as multiple 50k races and one 50-mile Ultra.

Her goal for each group she works with is to bring together a community built around fitness, fun and total wellness.

Yassine Diboun, Team Trail Butter sponsored athlete

Portland ultra-runner Yassine Diboun became Team Trail Butter’s first sponsored athlete! Yassine’s impresive resume of events includes 2013 Western States 100 9th place finish, 2013 Patagonia Int’l Marathon 63k 3rd place finish, FKT (fastest known time) solo circumnavigation of Mt. Hood. He’s off to an incredible start to 2014, recently competiing in Hawaii’s HURT100 and placing 4th overall. He plan on competing once again in the Western States 100 and other ultra events throughout the season. You gotta think his strong finishes have something to do with being fueled with the best all natural source of energy out there, Bogg’s Trail Butter.

Willie McBride, Animal Athletics, Team Trail Butter sponsored athlete

Willie has hiked, climbed, and run around since age 10 (at a birthday party in 1st grade he tackled a kid who was stomping on a young tree, making quite clear his love of Nature and his mother’s enduring influence as a landscape architect.) He headed West as soon as he was able and has since climbed mountains and run trails all over the country and on numerous continents, having many amazing adventures along the way.

Since 2005 he has increasingly focused on running, trail running and ultra-marathons and on his greatest passion of all: sharing his infectious enthusiasm for these pursuits with others.

Willie graduated from Colorado College with a degree in English/Creative Writing and from the National Personal Training Institute in Portland, OR as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. He is a Wilderness First Responder and certified in Adult/Child CPR, AED & Airway Management.
Visit and to read more about his adventures and business.

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Angel's Rest

Receive a variety 9-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and a Trail Butter sticker.

$25 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US


Receive a 12-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and an 8oz jar of Trail Butter in the flavor of your choice.

$50 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US


Receive a variety 12-pack of our new TB squeeze packs, a variety 6-pack of our 4.5oz pouches, resealable for those longer outings and a variety 3-pack of 8oz jars, well-suited for home use.

$100 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US


$250 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US


$500 Free US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Pacific Crest

$1,000 Free US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Bogg's Trail Foods

Portland, OR

Bogg's Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting energy and nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts and home consumers alike.

Jeff Boggess
Brad Boggess

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