Bogg's Trail Butter

Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

Aug 21, 2015

Pledge Packages Are Heading Your Way!

This day has been in the making for over a year now. We can finally say that your pledge packages are headed your way! Some of you may have even already received them. Enjoy! Read the full update.

Aug 15, 2015

Shipping Update

Time for one of our last campaign updates from Camp Trail Butter. We're getting so close! Read the full update.

Jul 22, 2015

Update: Launch Party & Shipments

Getting back to you on the two action items on the last update, we've got some new info to pass along.... Read the full update.

Jul 08, 2015

The TB Squeeze Pack is Finally Here!

It's finally here! With your support, we were able to create a packet that is like no other on the market – the new TB Squeeze Pack! Read the full update.

Jun 03, 2015

Trail Butter is ready for Packaging!

Howdy TB Squeeze Pack Backers, Big news everyone, we're days away from completing the first run of Squeeze Packs! There are just a couple steps to go. Last week nearly 6,000 lbs. of TB were made by our copacker with Team TB on hand every step of the way. After two long days of production, we all waved goodbye to 4 pallets of TB headed for the filler. Read the full update.

Mar 31, 2015

Squeeze Pack Update

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is enjoying some sunny Spring weather, wherever you may be. Just wanted to send out a quick update on the Squeeze Pack project. Although obviously moving slower than wed like, things continue to progress towards the first production run. The biggest hurdle was getting final artwork to our packaging manufacturer, which luckily is behind us. Final tweaks are being made ... Read the full update.

Jan 28, 2015

Portland Event Tonight

Hi all, Just a quick reminderfor all Portland-area backers, well have pledge 4.5oz pouches and jars on hand at the Adventure Yearbook Event later at Base Camp Brewing, ready to pass out. Hope to see you there! Best regards, Jeff Read the full update.

Jan 14, 2015

Happy New Year

Time for another quick update on the TB Squeeze Packs. Weve made some great progress recently with our new manufacturing partner in Central CA. Both Brad and I have spent full days with the team over the past few weeks making final test batches to ensure the recipe is just right. Once everything is dialed there, well make last edits to the packaging artwork before placing an order for the mat... Read the full update.

Dec 18, 2014

Happy Holidays

Hi again everyone, Hope you all getting ready for a joyful holiday, filled with health, happiness and those you care about most. Just wanted to give a quick update on the Squeeze Pack project. As much as we would have loved to have delivered to you before Christmas, a variety of challenges continue to hold up progress with this project. These stem mainly from the design and filling of the packa... Read the full update.

Nov 14, 2014

Trail Butter Update

Hi everyone, Hope you’re staying warm out there as the winter picks up steam. Time for another update from the TB camp, as a few things have happened lately with the Squeeze Pack Project. A couple weeks ago, just as we were about to place orders and hand over payments, a few concerns were raised with our local partner which unfortunately weren’t able to be resolved. This has led us to once ag... Read the full update.

Oct 08, 2014

Making Progress

Hey Everyone, I know you must be thinking, How can a single serving pouch be taking so long? Believe me, we are too. Please know, above all, that we greatly value your financial and moral support for Trail Butter and are still working the long hours to see this project through. Furthermore, so you can rest easy, the funds raised have been sitting in their own savings account, untouched, since ... Read the full update.

Aug 27, 2014

Squeeze Pack Update

Hi again everyone, Theres been a lot happening behind the scenes at Trail Butter regarding the Squeeze Pack that we wanted to bring you all up to speed on. Things are definitely headed in the right direction. Check out the filled prototype! Through the process of realizing the Squeeze Pack weve been able to connect with food experts from the area that will keep TB locally made, while also sup... Read the full update.

Jul 21, 2014

The latest from the production front

Hey folks, Just a quick check in to keep you guys in the loop on the Trail Butter Squeeze Pack project. Although we’re still in the process of resolving a few manufacturing challenges, rest assured, we won’t stop until this little guy is in your hands. Stay tuned for a more detailed delivery timeline. We do have one exciting development to report…a local copacker has unexpectedly surfaced that ... Read the full update.

Jun 24, 2014

Production update

Hi everyone, A quick check in from Camp TB As mentioned in the last update, its been an adventure working with our team of manufacturers to bring the Squeeze Pack to reality. Being the little fish in a big pond, our small order is likely taking backseat to higher return runs from larger natural foods companies. Slowly but surely though, we have been making progress towards a first test batch, ... Read the full update.

Jun 03, 2014

A Quick Progress Update

Hey Everybody! We wanted to send you a quick update on the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs. Since reaching the funding goal on April 20th, weve been working behind the scenes to plan the first run of pouches. This process has been an education in food manufacturing, to say the least. In addition to a copacker who will be producing the TB for us, we now have a facility lined out that will be fillin... Read the full update.

Apr 23, 2014

The Pack is Backed: Thank you!!

Now that the Squeeze Pack campaign is officially over, we’d like to once again thank all of you for your critical role in funding this project. We appreciate your support that lasted until the very end, with a final day push propelling us above the $9K mark, putting the cap on 2 months of Team Trail Butter domination! First things first…for those of you in the Portland area, we’re getting toget... Read the full update.

Apr 10, 2014

Stretch Goal Announced!

96 PROUD PLEDGES LATERand the TB Squeeze Pack is funded! Thank you everyone! Were grateful to say the least by all the support you guys have shown over the past month and a half to fund and promote this project. As the summer gets going, the fun is just starting! Mark June on your calendars as the projected release date of our new Squeeze Pack, and shipment of pledge packages to all backers. Ev... Read the full update.

Apr 02, 2014

We've Almost Done It!

Thanks to you guys we’ve almost done it! With 18 days left in the campaign, we’re just $115 away from the $7,500 goal. It’s been an awesome display of community support that were extremely grateful for. With the finish line in sight, we’re shifting our focus to the remaining 2 plus weeks, and how to best use this time. The campaign will remain online for additional pledges until April 20th. Thi... Read the full update.

Mar 31, 2014

The Squeeze Pack Campaign hits the home stretch with just over $500 to go...

Thanks to you guys, were so close! April 20th is our end date for the campaign and its looking more and more like well be able to fund this project to bring you the whole-food goodness of TB in the super convenient single-serving Squeeze Pack. ALL WE NEED IS ONE MORE BUMP TO GET THERE As always, the sharing of the below link to your Facebook and twitter sites, as well as by word of mouth, to ra... Read the full update.

Mar 17, 2014

TB or not TB, that is the question...

You guys have spoken and the answer is YES! Were back with update #4 of our TB Squeeze Pack campaign. After a month, we’re over 80% there! Again, a big thank you to all of you for throwing down some of your hard earned cash to support this cause. Equally appreciated is your help in getting the word out. We’ve gone national , with pledges coming in from across the country. With one more push... Read the full update.

Mar 10, 2014

We're On The Final Stretch

Hey Everyone, You guys really took the reins of the Squeeze Pack campaign last week and got the word out much further than we could ever do on our own. There were noticeable bumps in pledges immediately following posts on your own social media pages. We’re honored you’ve all jumped in as TB ambassadors to your friends and family! Please see the video below for more from Brad. In week 3, w... Read the full update.

Mar 03, 2014

2 weeks In & Over Halfway There!

Its time for us to thank you guys once again for keeping the momentum going on our campaign to realize the new TB Squeeze Pack. With your pledges and ambassadorship, the energy of the launch continued into week 2, and brought us to over 50% funded and halfway towards our goal of $7,500. Please see the video below for more from Jeff. We hope youll stay with us as we go into week 3, and ... Read the full update.

Feb 19, 2014

25% Funded in Just 4 Days!

The TB Squeeze Pack is 25% Funded in Just 4 days! Thanks to you guys, were off to a fantastic start with the campaign, and already well on our way to making the TB Squeeze Pack a reality! Nearly $2,000 pledged with $5,500 to go. Although we were pretty sure the TB community would rally around the cause, we definitely didnt anticipate such a resounding response that has brought us 25% towards ou... Read the full update.

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