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Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

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Trail Butter Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re staying warm out there as the winter picks up steam.

Time for another update from the TB camp, as a few things have happened lately with the Squeeze Pack Project.

A couple weeks ago, just as we were about to place orders and hand over payments, a few concerns were raised with our local partner which unfortunately weren’t able to be resolved. This has led us to once again seek out another contractor to manufacture the single-serving pouch, taking us down to the Central Valley of California and a copacker who is very familiar with products like ours. Although Central CA obviously isn’t as local as Portland, our first priority is to deliver a quality product to all of you. Our new partner practices total transparency, which will allow us to stay involved in the production process and ensure that the quality we demand is maintained.

This will unfortunately set us back some on the launch date, but we’re hoping to still come through for you guys before Christmas.

A few things:

  • The plan to hold a Portland get together for food, drink and pledge package handoff still stands, as well as the bonus item offer for each backer.

  • Don’t forget that your coupon codes have been extended until the end of the year as well!

  • If anyone has moved, be sure to send your new address to so we can update.

Thanks for sticking with us through this process!

Back with more later, as things unfold.

Best regards,

Jeff, Brad & Team

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Angel's Rest

Receive a variety 9-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and a Trail Butter sticker.



Receive a 12-pack of the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs and an 8oz jar of Trail Butter in the flavor of your choice.



Receive a variety 12-pack of our new TB squeeze packs, a variety 6-pack of our 4.5oz pouches, resealable for those longer outings and a variety 3-pack of 8oz jars, well-suited for home use.






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Bogg's Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting energy and nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts and home consumers alike.

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