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Jan 31, 2024

Project update 2 of 5

Video Demos, Blog, and Radio Compatibility

by Mark J. Hughes, Kaushlesh C, Jesse Robinson

Dear Backers,

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our amazing community: thanks to your incredible support, we have surpassed our funding goal for Project Boondock Echo! This is a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize two-way radio communication, and it’s all because of you.

But wait, there’s more! Read on for a closer look at what we’ve been working on.

Boondock Listening Post

In response to a few inquiries of "Do I have to pay the server subscription cost?" we made a video short demonstrating the Boondock Echo, a Baofeng UV-5R, and a 12 V LiFePO4 battery in "offline-mode." You do not need to pay for server subscriptions after purchase. You can run a private server, have no server, or use our server. We believe that most people will want to use our server because of the various features we offer such as IFTTT triggers, SMS and Email keyword notifications, along with other functionality, such as linking multiple docks together over great distances.

Collaboration with Josh Nass of Ham Radio Crash Course

Josh put together an informative video on the Boondock Echo. His insights as a seasoned ham radio enthusiast provide a unique perspective on our product.

More Amateur Radio Information

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve created a Boondock Echo blog, and we’re starting to pack it full of useful information related to amateur radio.

Will Boondock Echo Work with My Radio?

The beta units in all the videos were designed to work with Baofeng UV-5Rs and scanners. The version of the dock that you’ll receive should work with any radio that has an audio interface. You might need to purchase/buy a custom cable for your radio, but we’ve followed the "Remote-Rig" standard to make the process as painless as possible.

The above videos and blog will give you a deeper understanding of the Boondock Echo and its capabilities. Please share them and this campaign across your social networks. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends’ neighbors. Tell your neighbors’ friends! Share, share, share! Let’s keep the momentum going and bring the Boondock Echo to more people who can benefit from its groundbreaking features.

Thank you once again for your incredible support. Stay tuned for more updates and developments!

Best regards,

Jesse, KC, Mark
Boondock Technologies, LLC

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