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Boondock Echo

Internet-backed recording and playback device for two-way radios

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The Boondock Echo is an internet-backed recording and playback device for two-way radios. It can denoise, transcribe, translate, and use keyword notifications to email users the audio and transcription of important messages. Due to its low cost, users can employ multiple Boondock Echos to monitor multiple radio frequencies in an area or create a repeater network that is easy to manage and deploy.

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In the Press



"It sounded like the perfect system for me — something that would let my scanner work for me, instead of the other way around."

Hackster News

"Once Boondock Echo captures a message, it uploads the audio to its cloud service, which uses OpenAI to transcribe it. And, frankly, the results were impressive."

About the Team

Boondock Technologies

La Habra Heights, CA, USA  ·

We pioneer remote radio reporting tools using advanced open source wireless communication technologies. Our products improve the clarity, reliability, and convenience of two-way radios, making it easier for you to stay connected, regardless of where you are.

Kaushlesh Chandel


Jesse Robinson


Suraj Tiwari


Nandani Rathod

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