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Dec 08, 2016

First Update

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for helping us get off to a great start. We’ve got high hopes for this campaign, and we’ll be pounding the pavement between now and January 1st trying to meet our $20k goal.

Check us out @bucketpdx if you haven’t already. We’ll be doing frequent updates on the socials, and you’ll get some cool insights into the development process for The Well.

Special thanks to swiss-miss.com for our first big write-up! Hopefully more to come!

Stay warm! More updates soon!

-Bryan and Rob

$2,758 raised

of $20,000 goal

Funding Unsuccessful

Feb 28






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Founded by Bryan Kappa and Rob Story, Bucket is a product development and manufacturing startup located in Portland, Oregon. Follow us on Instgram @bucketpdx

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