The Well

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A simple container for boxed wine made in Portland, OR.

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Feb 28 2017


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Boxed wine is awesome; it tastes great, is affordable, keeps well in large quantities, and is more environmentally friendly to transport. Unfortunately, the drinking experience leaves something to be desired. The box can’t match the beauty of a wine bottle, and in order to pour a glass you have to drag it to the edge of your table. The Well solves these problems, with a beautiful all-wood design, focused on making pouring and transporting your wine simple.

The Well is manufactured and assembled in Portland, OR out of wood and leather sourced in the USA. It’s a simple, clean, practical design available in a number of different hardwoods and softwoods, with an optional leather handle. Inside The Well there’s an angled platform to cradle and guide the wine, extracting the very last drop out of the bag.

These 3 Wells came from a single Silver Maple Tree in NW Portland.

The Well is made of 10 individual staves. The pattern for the stave is cut on a 4-blade moulder, the same kind of machine that’s used to make fancy moulding in custom houses or restoration projects. This is a picture of the moulder that we used at Creative Woodworking.

The 4-blade moulder at Creative Woodworking.

After staining, the lids, leather handle, and wine cradle are all added to the assembly. The Well: Made out of trees from the US, by woodworkers of the PNW.

The juice in the boxed wine bag is getting better, but the box isn’t. We believe in boxed wine. We believe in good design. The Well bridges that gap.

Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.25" x 13.5"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Capacity: 1 standard 5L bag of wine
  • Wood types: Poplar, VG Fir, VG Cedar, Silver Maple, Holly
  • Handle: Premium Leather (optional)
  • Dishwasher safe? Nope! Light hand-washing is ok with mild detergent.

Wood Varieties


Mostly grown in the Eastern United States. It’s very stable, fairly low-cost, and is an easy wood to cut and work with.

Vertical Grain Fir

Mostly grown in the Western United States from Doug Fir stands. Primarily used for furniture as the grain is attractive and very strong.

Vertical Grain Cedar

Mostly grown in the Western United States from Western Red Cedar stands. Very light, has an attractive odor, and has a beautiful, dark red color when stained.

Silver Maple

Silver Maple is one of the most common trees in North America. It’s wood is soft, like that of Big Leaf Maple, which is native to the Pacific Northwest. These eight Wells were made from a single Silver Maple Tree which lived in a neighborhood in Northwest Portland.


Holly is a tree that is commonly used for it’s leaves and berries as decoration, but is rarely used for lumber. These two Holly Wells are truly unique, and were made from a single tree that lived in a neighborhood in Northeast Portland.

Production Timeline

After our goal is reached, we’ll be getting started on production. This product requires minimal tooling and setup, and some of that tooling is already in place. The major priority for development will be in finding suitable shop space, and automating some of the assembly steps. Sanding is the most labor and time intensive process, so we’ll be looking at ways to automate that. We have a few leads on shop space in industrial SE Portland which we’ll lock in after the first of the year (2017).

Rob and Bryan will be doing all of the assembly and finishing work for The Well. Most likely we will start fulfilling orders mid summer 2017, so some folks may get their Wells before the December 1st, 2017 ship date. We’ll probably fulfill orders in batches of each wood type. We’ll likely fulfill all the Cedar orders first, then the Fir orders, and lastly the Poplar orders. Either way, everyone should have their Well by early December 2017 at the very latest.


Thanks to Amy and Kenny Braun (this was their idea), Creative Woodworking, Knight Toolworks, Madrone Arboriculture, Oregon Leather Company, R&D Manufacturing, Shapeways, Wink’s Hardware, Kat Mathews, Steph Lanning, The Story Family, The Kappa Family, Jennafer and Jake Furniss, Mac McMillan, Andee, Alex, Dave Bartges, Sova Zeigler, Kevin Baumer, and Nic Baumer.



Founded by Bryan Kappa and Rob Story, Bucket is a product development and manufacturing startup located in Portland, Oregon. Follow us on Instgram @bucketpdx

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