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May 14 2015
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Attention Institute campers! This year, I’m making an Institute-wide blinky badge, fashioned in our theme camp logo. And this year, I’m pulling out all the stops.

Like previous years, this badge has blinky lights. And it has a radio, so you can page your friends.

Unlike previous years’ badges, this one has an integral battery pack, lights, OLED display, interactive captouch buttons, and you can see nearby friend’s names.

And unlike previous years, I’m going to finish badge production well before Burning Man, so you’ll receive your badge in the mail in early August, which is why I need your help to pre-order a badge now.

The price is $69, and includes free shipping to the US. Pre-orders close on June 19th, and pre-order production is capped at 85 units, so get your order in soon! Because production is capped, please do /not/ share this link outside the Institute. I have no way of screening buyers; anyone who has this URL can purchase a badge. So do you and your camp-mates a favor — keep this pre-order page a secret!

Key features of this year’s badge

This new, very feature-packed badge is a huge undertaking and as such me and xobs got an extra-early start on it (some of you might know xobs, he is my collaborator on Novena and an embedded code maestro). The demo you see here in this campaign is our first version of the badge. It’s almost right, but a few tweaks will be made:

See you in the dust!

-bunnie the blinkypusher

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Produced by Sutajio Kosagi in Singapore.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

The Institute Blinky Badge BM2015

$69 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

Sutajio Kosagi

Singapore  ·

Sutajio Ko-usagi supports and produces open hardware products designed by bunnie and xobs.

Andrew Huang

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