A tiny, open hardware, ESP32-powered retro-gaming console

Jun 21, 2021

Project update 8 of 8

Shipping Soon

by Juan Flores

Hi everyone!

Good news! Your microBytes are on their way to Crowd Supply’s warehouse for final distribution.

Orders will begin shipping soon. Please take this time to check your delivery address, and update it through your Crowd Supply account if needed. Updating your shipping address helps avoid delays and get your orders shipped successfully. Once your order details have been sent out by our warehouse team for processing, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment.

Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

I have a few other updates regarding the manufacturing process. The final blue and yellow color is a bit different from the colors seen on the prototype; they are a little bit "pastel" tone. The reason for this change is due to how the resin modifies the pigment tone. Here you can see a photo:

Also, I would like to tell you that I’m very happy to send you your microBytes but it is worth saying that it was a real challenging situation. The semiconductors crisis produced a volatile components price situation. Consequently, the shortage left this project in a sensitive position, making it necessary to add some extra funds from my side to finalize the manufacturing process.

That’s all! Your microBytes are getting closer to you. I want to share a photo of the product in the box ready to be shipped:

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