Programmable USB Hub

by Capable Robot Components

A USB hub with per-port power and data disconnects + dev board + I2C, GPIO, and SPI bridges


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Product Choices


Programmable USB Hub

Programmable USB Hub PCBA, with a custom metal enclosure, light pipes, and rubber feet.


Programmable USB Hub Kit

Programmable USB Hub PCBA, with a custom metal enclosure, light pipes, and rubber feet. Also includes a power supply, Aux cable, I2C cable, and USB cable.


Rubber Bumpers


Mounting Flanges


Capable Robot Components

Capable Robot Components enables rapid development of autonomous robots by providing technological building blocks to system integrators. Right now, integrators have to develop things they would rather purchase because the right robot-first products don't currently exist. CRC provides proven products which are domain-agnostic, but configurable and adaptable to the integrator's market needs. This allows autonomous system developers to spend more time and effort on domain-specific engineering and testing.

Chris Osterwood

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