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Handcrafted ceramic face jugs for holding your favorite beverage.

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Sep 13 2015
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Emojugs: Emotional Crockery!

Artist, designer and manufacturer Matthew Causey’s approach to a smaller, more portable beverage container. Somewhere between a bottle a jug and a jar, Emojugs can contain and carry up to 1 Pint of the liquid of your choosing, hot, cold or just plain old room temperature. With a durable flip top lid, Emojugs are perfect for adding just a touch of personality to what can be a mundane and simply dull task of transporting liquids.

Meet Burlon, Yorick, Otto & Bullock (B.Y.O.B.) and let them help bring your own beverage.

Examples of things we have put in our Emojugs:

Shine, Wine, Whiskey, Cider, Beer, Hot Sake, Basement Brandy, delicious Adult Beverages our neighbor makes, Cold Brew Coffee, Kombucha, Hot Tang, Russian Tea, Lemon Infused Simple Syrup, Home-Made Grenadine, Olive Oil, (anything from the bulk liquids section of your local market or food co-op), Salad Dressing for a picnic, Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce, Home-Made Hot Sauce. The options are endless. Emojugs are dishwasher safe.

Where did they come from?

The tradition of the American Face Jug is nearly as old as the country itself. The longstanding history of the jugs is especially rich in the earliest southern states like North and South Carolina, and Georgia. Matt has created this collection of hand-crafted, custom face jug crockery that melds the old traditions with the age of the emoji.

Campaign Goals:

If you’re still with us, each Emojug is slip-cast earthenware clay, glazed and hand-painted in Portland, Oregon. Each unit is unique and shows the marks of the maker, some variation from the images should be expected. The design and production of all products on this page have been funded and executed by the artist, this campaign seeks additional funding and support to continue the design and production of new editions of Emojugs.

Get to know the Emojugs as the explore the city and beyond on Instagram.

Functional Prototypes:

On the way to producing Emojugs, came these guys. Hand-built, one of a kind, functional sketches. The teeth and some other features are made with pyrometric cones used in firing kilns, often discarded after the firing. More representational of the classic American Face Jug in which they are inspired, these jugs are the product Crowd Supply first saw when visiting Matt’s studio.

There are 9 Prototypes available for purchase, labeled below.

Custom Handmade Jugs 1, 2, 3. Front (top photo), back (bottom photo)

Custom Handmade Jugs 4, 5, 6. Front (top photo), back (bottom photo)

Custom Handmade Jugs 7, 8. Front (top photo), back (bottom photo)


Causey's Crockery

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