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Dec 16, 2014

Origin of the book's name

Hello to everyone who has supported A Weather Walked In!

I’d like to start this email by conveying my most sincere thanks for your support. Without your pre-purchase of of Charlie Haughey’s book and prints, we would not have made 45% of our funding goal in the first five days of our campaign! That’s right, thanks to your support, we’re almost half way to our goal in such a short amount of time!

Charlie and I have put so much time into this project, and it’s truly overwhelming to see the amount of support for it in the last week. So again, thank you.

Have you ever wondered where the names associated with this book project come from? See below a video update of Charlie talking about the name of the project and the book. Charlie is a deep thinker who believes in the power of words, and names mean a lot to him. Have a look.

If you have supported this project and are happy with your choosing to do so, let your friends and family know! We still have a long way to go to see this book project to fruition. And for all those last minute holiday gift shoppers, remember that if you order before the 25th, we can send a digital holiday card informing your gift recipient of their gift and its ship date.

Thank you again, from Charlie, from me, and from the whole volunteer team behind A Weather Walked In. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Holidays!

Kris Regentin and the Chieu Hoi team

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Print Book

The Print book is 12" x 12", offset print, perfect bound, soft cover, printed just outside of Portland at Lithtex, and printed on domestic paper. Designed by Clifton Burt and Phillip Stewart, curated by Kris Regentin and the Chieu Hoi team.

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A Weather Walked In

Chieu Hoi

A book of rare photographs taken in Vietnam by Charlie Haughey, a member of the Army 25th Infantry division.

Kris Regentin

Charlie Haughey

Kris Regentin

Project Manager / Video Producer

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