A Weather Walked In

A book of rare photographs taken in Vietnam by Charlie Haughey, a member of the Army 25th Infantry division.

Dec 22, 2014

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from everyone on the Chieu Hoi team!

We deeply appreciate everyone who has supported this crowdfunding campaign so far, and we are so thankful for the positive feedback we’ve received from everyone so far. It was humbling to pass the \$10,000 mark in just one week, and we look forward to making our \$17,000 goal with your support!

If you have been waiting until the last minute to purchase A Weather Walked In or one of Charlie’s prints as a holiday gift, remember there is still time! We’ll email you a digital gift card outlining the gift and its ship date, which you can deliver to your gift recipient.

Charlie and I went to Blue Moon Camera and Machine last week to have test prints made from the negative for the image titled "The Nine of Us". The negative had never been printed in a darkroom before, and it was a beautiful experience seeing the silver gelatin print come to life. It was truly moving to witness the print being made, and seeing Charlie’s reaction was unforgettable. I put together a quick video of our darkroom visit, and I included Charlie’s audio commentary on the chosen image. This is a little taste of what the iPad commentary is like—remember that A Weather Walked In for iPad contains near 150 audio captions like the one in this video.

If you’ve been considering supporting this campaign by purchasing a silver gelatin print, know this: each of these prints will be a unique piece of handmade artwork, carefully crafted like the prints in this video were. After being meticulously printed, they will be professionally mounted and framed on archival-quality mounting. The frames are one of a kind handmade frames, made by Charlie using his unique style of construction, using only reclaimed materials.

The silver gelatin prints are truly unique and beautiful pieces of artwork, intended to last for generations.

Again, sincere thanks from Charlie and everyone working on this project. We wish you all the best for the holidays.

Kris Regentin, project manager

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