A Weather Walked In

by Chieu Hoi

A book of rare photographs taken in Vietnam by Charlie Haughey, a member of the Army 25th Infantry division.

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Progress Update

Hello everyone!

I wanted to get in touch with all of you with a quick update on our progress.

At last meeting with our book designers a week ago, print files for the print version of A Weather Walked In were nearly complete.

Aside from finalizing print layouts, we also began beta testing the iPad book. Of course, nailing down the user experience for a digital book is crucial—the final product needs to be intuitive, simple, clean, and meanwhile showcase all of the photos and audio in the highest possible quality. So far, we’ve had five people perform beta tests, and all have been very impressed with the layout, structure, and content. We have four more beta testers getting their hands on the iPad book this week, and then we’ll implement the user experience feedback to the final iPad book.

Above: Zeb Andrews testing the iPad book UI.

Above: Working cover page for the AWWI iPad book.

Above: Silver gelatin fiber paper prints at Blue Moon Camera

We’re also making prints and preparing to frame them. I know I’m repeating myself here, but the silver gelatin fiber paper prints are amazing. It is so incredible to me that these negatives have been on a 45 year journey that have brought them to this place—many of them are just now being printed for the very first time. It’s exciting, and deeply moving.

I cannot wait to bring my excitement and passion for all of this to all of you.

I want to thank you all again for your patience and understanding in our delays in getting the books to you. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions or comments at krisregentin@gmail.com, or email Crowdsupply at support@crowdsupply.com.

Thanks so much! More to come very soon!

Kris Regentin, Charlie, and the Chieu Hoi team.

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Print Book

The Print book is 12" x 12", offset print, perfect bound, soft cover, printed just outside of Portland at Lithtex, and printed on domestic paper. Designed by Clifton Burt and Phillip Stewart, curated by Kris Regentin and the Chieu Hoi team.


A Weather Walked In

Chieu Hoi

A book of rare photographs taken in Vietnam by Charlie Haughey, a member of the Army 25th Infantry division.

Kris Regentin

Charlie Haughey

Kris Regentin

Project Manager / Video Producer

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